Sagardighi a huge unnatural pond of Cooch Behar

Sagardighi Cooch
 Cooch Behar, once a province of Koch dynasty and  now part of West Bengal, is a small town.  It is a well-known  destination for  tourists and provides an  excellent getaway for people who seek serene and quiet place to be at peace with themselves. There are many attractive places nearby. 

It is not an exaggeration to call the Great ponds as  Sagardighi located  in the heart of Cooch Behar town, the district headquarters of Cooch Behar district. The name implies that it is an ocean-like pond, considering its size and vast sheet of water. Set in the busy area, it is a popular place for the local people to relax  and spend their leisurely time. The beautiful  pond  attracts  migratory birds each winter and is a nice place for bird watchers and Ornithologists.

Location map Cooch Behar
The place is so cool and serene, various important government offices are located around this place - like District Magistrates Office, Administrative Building of North Bengal State Transport Corporation, BSNL's DTO Office on the West; Office of the Superintendent of Police, District Library, Municipality Building on the South, Office of BLRO, State Bank of India's Cooch Behar Main Branch and many other on the East and RTO office, Foreigner's registration office, District Court etc., on the North. Since numerous government offices function here in close proximity, it is quite convenient for the weary public affected by red-tape and lethargic action on the part of government employees. Unlike other places, it will be less tiresome for the people to get the job done without  going from pillar to post.

Nripendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur,
The huge tank that has a heritage hotel Victor house and war memorial, Sagardighi, was excavated by Maharaja Nripetendra Narayan (4 October 1862-18 September 1911). Tourists find it rather interesting to take a stroll down the gallery.

Lansdowne Hall on the Sagardighi West in  the center of the of the town of Cooch Behar is  an important landmark that houses BMO. Erected in 1894 in commemoration of the visit of Lord Lansdowne, Viceroy and Governor General of India to Cooch Behar. Lansdowne hall played a crucial role in the local society for a pretty long time; it was a venue of countless public meetings as well as reading room