How to avoid burn outs!

As a budding entrepreneur, on some occasions you may fee like quitting as your progress is not good  if there is  a semblance of failure. Such impending fear will take you right into the blind alley and signs of burning out may set in at any time. Don't panic. Just like you there are thousands of people who are on the verge of giving it up for good. If you think calmly and engage in self- improvements  or self-motivation you can easily come out of this rut.  Mind you: "Success does not lie in easy victory. A true success is the one that is achieved through hard work and commitments. It is not a question of how many times you fall and bite the dust. Rather a true victory lies in how many times you get up from such falls as if nothing had happened."

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 Consider the following facts:

01. Maintain good health:

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If your work is a sedentary one and there is no time for physical movement of your body, you had better pay serious attention to your physical well being. By sitting in one place for long hours unknowingly you add more calories to your body and the cumulative impact is that  it may increase your  body weight. Take a resolution to get into regular exercise regimen to reduce intake of calories. You may try long walk, swimming, jogging on a regular basis. Aerobic exercise will freshen up your body and mind and you won't feel fatigued. It will drive away any negative thoughts.

 02.  Engage in hobbies:

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The purpose of engaging in hobbies is to keep your mind off your stressful work. Engage in stamp collection or beer cans, etc., Join the tennis or shuttle cock clubs, if you do so, you have double advantages. First  you get into physical activities and  secondly it keeps your mind focused on the hobby. The net result is you develop a positive attitude.

03. Make a short trip to nearby places:

If you feel you are stuck and exhausted, for a change go on a brief trip within the city limits, for example a Museum, Zoo or some exhibition venue or even movies. When you see more people, your blues will go away.

04. Spending time with pets:

Bored Panda

Bored Panda

If your start up does not give you the desired results as anticipated by you, don't lose your hope. To cut down worries, spend some time with your pets like cats or dogs. If you don't have one, get a dog. It will keep you engaged and you will experience positive thoughts creeping in that will result in rejuvination of your mind and body.

05. Engaging in social activities:
Engage in any social activities such helping senior citizens, physically challenged people, scout services, etc. If you see for yourself people who are less fortunate than you, you won't wallow in self-pity. Further, it is a chance to   widen  your social activity zone and put down the negative feelings  that may reduce the confidence level in you.

 06. Talking to your close friends:

When overpowered by negative thoughts if you feel you are stuck and can't move forward, do not let those strange feelings control you. Talk to your close friends and drive out the pent-up negative feelings. Once you pour out all your suppressed feelings from your depressed mind, you may feel relieved. The pep talk given by your friends will certainly bring out the best in  you.

07. Humor:

A man without human is an animal. Humor will reduce your stress and fatigue. For a change, read comic books or watch funny cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Road Runner or Yogi bear. I have head people tell me that old cartoons are good mood changers. Your unhappy thoughts will certainly run away. Watching newspaper cartoons of Indian politicians and US President trump and his gaffes will definitely give a good laugh.

08. Rescheduling:

Disciplined work will make things easy for you and reduce your stress. Go after your work one by one as scheduled by you before hand and try to stick to it at any cost. Don't ever leave it in the middle. It is a commitment that will spur you to higher levels of positive activities.

09. Taking a shower:

When feeling burnt out and completely exhausted, quietly take a shower, or take  a good nap. This is good for your mind and heart.

10. Avoid brooding:


Don't dwell on the past setbacks or failures. No purpose is served; rather focus on the future and the jobs that need to be cleared out of the away. Once you remove small thorns that pop up then and there, it is a good sign  that your on the path to recovery.
11. Exit plan:


To be on the safe side, have an exit plan. It does not mean that you are going to call it quits. It is just rather a safety valve, something like a building having fire alarms and fire-escape  in case of a fire-mishap.