Pasupateeswarar temple in Karur - a famous Shivasthalam

Karur Pasupateeswarar temple
Karur Pasupateeswarar temple

Among the seven Sivastalams in Kongu Nadu, Pasupateeswarar temple in Karur town, Karur District, Tamil Nadu  is a popular one and lots of people visit this temple from neighboring places. This town was called karuvoor during the time of Sambandar's visit to this temple. There was a great and revered  Tamil Saivite saint/Siddhar by the name of Karoorar who was associated with some of the famous Hindu temples dedicated to God Shiva. He was mainly instrumental in installing the huge Shiva Linga at the Big temple (a UNESCO hritage Site) dedicated to Bragadeswara in Thanjavur City. Hence, the town Karur is named after him.

The temple,  built on a 2.65 acres (10,700 m2), site has a tall entrance gopuram - tower  which is  120 feet (37 m) in height. Images of mythological characters adorn  the tower. Like many Shiva Sthalams,  here the presiding deity in the garbagraha of the  main shrine (Moolvar) is a swayambu (self-manifested) lingam. Here, Lord Shiva is  called Pasupateeswarar or Aanilaiappar. A unique feature here is the lord's consort has  two images  called  Sundaravalli and Alankaravalli. The shrine of  the former deity Sundaravalli is facing south. It was here at this temple the great Tamil saints Sundarar and Sambandar composed Thevaram Pathigam.

Karur Pasupateeswarar temple Tamilnadu Tourism

This temple has two prakarams, pathway around the Sanctum.The major attraction here is a huge mandapam - hall that is being supported by 100 ornate stone pillars. The Srikovil/sanctum 
is built in such a way that the sun's rays fall on the lingam 
3 days in a year during the Tamil month of Panguni 
(mid March to mid April).  The major festivals are  Navaratri
in September,and ArudraDarisanam  in anuary.The annual 
Brahmotsavam is held in Panguni.

Karur Dist. Map, Tamil Nadu

According to the legend,  God Shiva, who was not happy with Brahma, the Creator and his change of attitude, had sent Kamadhenu to Vanji forest in Karur to look after the duty of creation and advised  her to worship the Siva lingam hidden in an anthill in the forest. As instructed by the lord,  Kamadeni was worshipping the lingam daily. One day, while worshipping by way of performing the abishekam to the lingam with its milk, her hoof accidentally stabbed  the lingam and injured it. The scar left on the lingam is seen on its back even today (on the lingam) as a depression.  Grief-stricken Kamadhenu pleaded guilty. However, the lord was happy with her sense of duty and told her that henceforth he will be known  as Pasupatheeswarar as she worshipped him at this place. This way the lord honored Kamadenu and she  continued the work of creation in the place of Brahma. In the meantime realizing his mistakes,  Brahma  undertook  severe penance on  Lord Siva with a view to getting back his lost covetous position  as a Creator. Pleased with his prayers, the Lord restored the power of creation back to Brahma and took Kamadhenu along with himThus, the Sthala Theertham is called the Brahma Theertham. The sun's rays fall on the lingam 3 days in a year during the Tamil month of Panguni (mid March to mid April). 

Karur Pasupateeswarar temple,

Karur, a major textile town is well connected with other parts of India by highways and trains.  Karur railway junction is on the Erode - Tiruchy section of the Southern Railway, and it is about 70 km from Erode and 75 km from Tiruchy.