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Good and lousy people:
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"Good people always look upon every success as a symbol of inspiration and go to the next level of success. They are level-headed and  their lives  will be blissful and peaceful ....

On the other hand, for the lousy people every  success is a chance to display their arrogance, ego and stupidity. They are always hot-headed and their lives  in the fag end will be  wretched and painful".

Making no compromise:


"The world belongs to those people who do not give up on their patience,  self-confidence, hard work and their assertive attitude to attain their goal at any cost, unmindful of the deep pits in the path''. 

Testing times:

''Testing and distressful times are the real markers of a man's self-assertiveness, resilience and guts to come out clean and good  and march toward his goal''.

Essence of  experience:

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"Experience is the name given to the follies, blunders, sorrows and  success or bouts of failure all rolled into one". 

Dealing with relatives; 
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"As for dealing with relatives, when  they are nearer, we invite enmity, hatred, insults, jealousy and mental agony ,...

The farther they are, the less the hardship, more the pleasure and peace of mind".