British colonial bungalow, New Delhi - residence for retired Indian President

With the retirement of   President  Sri.Pranab Mukerjee in the third week of July, 2017, his place has been taken over by one Ram Nath Kovind, who  is the newly elected  Indian President and he assumed his duties on the 25th of this month.

It has been a tradition that the retired Indian President will be provided with free rental house, etc., (in any part of India) as per as per Indian President's pension  act of 1962. Accordingly Sri Mukerjee, 81 years old,  will be moving into the government bungalow at 10 on Rajaji  Marg (road) New Delhi. Earlier this street was named after king George V and after independence the name was changed to Rajaji ,an astute  Indian patriot and first and last Governor General of India. Sri. Mukerjee served as minister with cabinet rank under three PMs; first under Indira Gandhi and later under sri P.V. Narashimha Rao and in the recent pastManmohan Singh. 
British bungalow,Rajaji Marg (Road). Delhi The Financial Express

British bungalow,Rajaji Road. Delhi   

British bungalow,Rajaji Road. Delhi

Inside British Bungalow, Rajaji Road.Delhi

The government bungalow where the former president will be spending his retirement life, is a colonial bungalow. This and the official Indian President's residence were built during the British rule, part of creation of Imperial capital of the British Raj. The two-storied British-era building with sloping red-tiled roof  and chimney with beautiful lawn and mogul-type gardens is an attractive one, covering 11,776 sq. feet. The old charm is never lost. The ground floor houses a beautiful library which former President Dr. Kalam used it well. Mr. Mukerjee, being a book worm, will find the library extremely useful. Recently this bungalow was spruced up for the retired Indian president  and the government saw to it that its heritage value was not damaged.