Historical Chinnakada Clock Tower, Kollam, Kerala

At a time when old historical and colonial monuments across India  are either neglected or not repaired due to paucity of funds, the Kerala Government is taking steps earnestly to restore such old structures for posterity. The Chinnaka Clock Tower in Kollam is a good example. 

Chinnakada Clock Tower at  Aashramom  is yet another landmark in Kollam City in the Indian state of Kerala which was till 1829 the capital of the Travancore State with the headquarters of the British Residency situated here. The British Resident used to live in the latter building when it was a princely state.  Situated in the city center, the  clock tower, the first one in the erstwhile Travancore state, is in the prime location of the city near the Kollam Junction Railway Station and hence, it is popular. The clock tower is synonymous with Kollam and  a non-official emblem of the city. it is mainly a masonry structure made of brick and lime mortar with a simple eves atop.. No floral decoration and simplicity personified. The only eye-sore is encroachments at the base of the tower that ought to be removed so that the old monument can be highlighted in its entirety.   

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It was in 1944, this quadrangular clock tower was built by the natives  in honor of  Unichakam Veedu K G Parameshwaran Pillai, the former chairman of Kollam Municipality from 1932–48. The tower has four clocks facing the four cardinal direction and was brought from Calcutta. Made of brick and white cement, it took three years to complete the tower construction work,
Kollam Municipal Corporation has allocated Rs. 2 million to renovate the historical clock tower. An underpass work was planned without disturbing the clock tower.  Work on the tower project would begin  after the completion of the Chinnakada Underpass