Ewing Christian College , Allahabad, one of the oldest in India.

Ewing Christian College, Allahabad. Collegedunia

Allahabad Ewing Christian College, now known as Ewing Christian College is one of the oldest colleges established in 1901 in India. Its founder was  Dr. Arthur Ewing a prominent Presbyterian missionary at the initiative of East India Company. Initially Dr. Ewing started the institution with just eight students and soon its name spread far and wide and was known for its academic excellence. Its firat principal was one  Dr. Maasey  By 1912, when Dr. Ewing passed away, the college had many buildings - Princeton Hostel, Rhea Hostel, Engineering buildings, the main building, Agricultural department, Philadelphia Hostel and Turner Hostel. In the 19th century, the college became a leading educational institution and had a good reputation. In the later years; the name changed to Ewing Christian College  and in 1995, it became an autonomous institution affiliated to  Allahabad University.

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The college has a sprawling  green campus covering 45 acres  (170,000 m2), on the south part of the city. The agricultural economics department came up on the other side of rhe river  soon developed into Allahabad Agricultural Institute. The college itself has three faculties - the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Teacher , each having several departments under its supervision.