Funny quotes & humor - 43

Nagging women:
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Daily Mail
"Though powerful, men reign outside of his home, inside his house, it is the nagging women,  wielding  the leash in one hand and bullwhip in the other, holds the scepter."

Impact of nagging wife: 

How far does  the impact of a troublesome, unruly  wife reach? The answers came from the sensitive audience:  One man said,''It 'll be felt within the house''.  Another man said, "It will go farther and will be felt in the neighbourhood".  A clever third man said with self-assurance, "The impact will be felt far beyond the grave of her husband until he is buried in the pit there".

Transient beauty and appearance:

Bollywood's  leading actors and actresses became philosophical and gave a piece of advice to upcoming stars:

"Like the morning dew on the nearby mystical mountain, like the foams in the ocean waves that pound the shore and like the bubbles in the champagne bottle, our bewitching beauty, nice gait, strength and personality will be gone for ever over a period of time, so be cheerful  as much as you can and don't worry  about tomorrow when today is ours".