Historical Eros Cinema, Mumbai - a fine theater complex

Before independence, the Eros was one of Mumbai’s (Bombay) luxury cinemas and  still remains a well-known cinema house today. Located in a prime area of the city, it was built in 1938 and in February opened to public. Its architect was Sorabji Keikhushru Bhedwar with internal decorations by Fritz von Dreiberg. It took two and half years to complete the  construction work  after the foundation stone was laid in 1935. The theater is a huge one and  can accommodate roughly 1200 people per show. 
Eros Cinema, 1938.Mumbai. en.wikipedia.org

An interesting fact about this old theater is it heralded the beginning of Back Bay reclamation in early 1938. Besides a theater, the building also has a ballroom and restaurant, together with apartments and shops. The unique feature of this building is it is an an Art Deco style cinema. The facade of the building exhibits   fine Art Deco style work and  rises in tiers like a wedding cake and is topped by a semi-circular tower.

Eros theater, Circular foyer, Mumbai. TripAdvisor

stylish interior, Eros cinema, mumbai. Rediffmail
Inside the theater, a large circular foyer finished in black and white marble and the decorative Art Deco reliefs of semi-naked female figures on the wall pillars are attractive and enhances the ambiance inside. Other features worthy of mention are marble staircases with chromium handrails  connecting the  t upper floor and the murals a with muted colours depicting Indian architectures. Partially faced with red Agra sandstone, this building is painted cream.