Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kottayam built by the British

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Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kottayam Ixigo

The Kottayam Mission built a number of churches in many places during the British colonial period. Earlier during the reign of Portuguese, the Syrian Christians faced all kinds of problems and when this part came under the control of the British, a peaceful atmosphere was created that was conducive to the development of many churches. Yet another factor was, the local Hindu rulers gave support to the missionaries by way of offering lands, etc. Among the churches established by the Kottayam Mission, the British-built Holy Trinity Cathedral is an interesting one.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kottayam is a historical church built by the British  and is considered as "the largest as well as the most beautiful one in this region. Bishop Wilson called it 'the noble Gothic church, the glory of Travancore.'The church was built under the direction of Rev. Benjamin Bailey DD (1791-1851) in 1830s; but was dedicated in 1842. Fr. Bailey tirelessly worked hard in Kottayam and in this region and was instrumental in establishing the first printing press in this area. He helped translate the New Testament into the local language, Malayalam, in 1829, and the whole Bible in 1841. Benjamin Bailey was a dedicated worker, a man of scholarly disposition. He had close contacts with  the famous English literary figure Keats in the 1810s. Later, he  become Archdeacon of Colombo. The Holy Trinity Cathedral maintains the old charm and grace with care and has the  "largest Choir in its Diocese, with more than 90 members.