Kuthar fort - 800 year old fort in the wooded area, near Simla

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Because the incidence of foreign invasions was less and not highly risky centuries ago, the NE part of India do not have many big forts to boast of, unlike those in the NW part. However, in some places there are forts to guard against foreign invasions in the past. 

 The 800 years old Kuthar Fort is  one of the main tourist places to visit near Solan, 33.5 km from Solan and 52 km from Shimla. Originally built by the Gurkha Kings who ruled over this part of the land, the fort occupies a sprawling area of 52.8 sq km, consisting of  beautiful gardens, pools, fresh-water springs and ancient temples within the complex. 

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Located atop the hill, part of Kuthar mountains at an altitude of about 1300 m, the Kuthar fort opens a vista of beautiful view of, the Simla valley  in the backdrop of the snow-clad peaks of the majestic Himalayan mountains and the near by  Subathu fort. Kuthar Fort that once served as the residence of the royal family of Kuthar was built in the Rajasthani style with Colonnades, convoluted pillars and arches, besides intricate wooden carvings and fine paintings.
In the interiors are found intricate wooden carvings and fine paintings that are simply catchy. a few parts of the fort were discovered recently and they are said to be just 80 years old. 

One fascinating feature that draws the attention of the tourists are the fresh water springs found within the  confines of the fort. This place, which is part of Kasauli range  is highly picturesque found amidst lush green hilly areas, very much similar to Gurkha Fort, Kunihar, and Kasauli hill station, the last one is just 15 km from here. Kuthar Palace is now a nice heritage resort, providing quiet ambiance to those who want to enjoy peace and tranquillity in the wooded area, far away from the madding crowd and urban ugliness. 

 The Kuthar Fort is in between the Subathu and Arki, barely one hour away from the Jubbarthi airport. In April 1948,  the state became part of Himachal Pardesh and  it was part of  Mahasu district till August 1972. Earlier, the Kuthar imperial state was under the control of  Rana of Kuthar-Arun Sen.