Hill Fort Palace, Hyderabad, India built by a nobleman

930, a view of Hill forest palace, Hyderabad, India.en.wikipedia.org/
Hyderabad, Telengana has a large number of palaces, heritage buildings and monuments and it is a tourist's paradise. It requires time and proper planning to visit them. The Hill Forest palace is an old building constructed by a gentleman who also served as an honorable  justice in the Nizam government.
Both Hill Fort Palace and the ‘Bella Vista’palace, Hyderabad, Telengana, India command a beautiful view of Hussain Sagar . The former was  built in 1915 by Sir Nizamat Jung, a nobleman who served as chief justice in the government of Nizam, India and the latter was built by  Nawab Hakim-du-dowla in 1905. Sir Nizamat Jung  resided in the palace for 15 year. In 1955, it was handed over by Indian government to the Ritz Hotel Company on lease. The hotel was operating till the late 1990s. The palace located in the heart of the city near Naubat Pahad is under the management of the  Tourism department of the state.

 The eldest son of Nizam VII, Prince Azam Jah, the Prince of Berar had his residence in the ‘Bella Vista’palace, whereas the   younger son, Prince Moazzam Jah, generally referred to as the Junior Prince,  used the ‘Hill Fort Palace’.

Since Sir Nizamat Jung  was not well due to asthma in 1915 he was advised to stay in an airy place with fresh air. Soon, he bought a plot comprising 5 acres of land and had a residence built for his use. The building  design was on the model of the Trinity College in Cambridge, his Alma mater. The building was completed in 1915 and named the ‘Hill Fort Palace’. After his pilgrimage to Mecca upon retirement, he wanted to lead a humble life and sold the property. The Nizam bought the property for Rs. 100,000.00 and it became the official residence of the junior Prince in his capacity as as the chairman of the City Improvement Board. His wife was Princess Niloufer who happened to be the first cousin of the wife of the Prince of Berar, who, in turn, was the only child of the last Caliph of Turkey.