Subz Burj, Delhi a beautiful tomb with a riddle!!

Subz Burj, Delhi. Delhipedia
The capital city of Delhi is loaded with an amazing number of Muslim monuments that were mostly built

Sabz Burj, near to Humayun's Tomb, New Delhi,Alamy
during the Mogul period. These historical buildings suggest the rich glorious Mogul period and their keen interest in building grand structures that may stand as memorials after them.

Subz Burj is  an impressive tomb with four wide and four narrow sides made of blue tiles and stone and lies  at a circle opposite to the entrance gate to the Barakhamba. It is the tomb of, it is believed, Fahim Khan who was an attendant to Abdul Rahim Khan during the rule of Jahangir. Since the dome is blue-colored, it is known mistakenly as Nila Gumbad. But, Subaz Burj means green-domed tower.   However, the origin of the tomb is a riddle. Who had built it and for whom?  It is a moot question that finds no viable answer so far. Some claim that tiles on the dome were originally green in the past and one could see remnants of green tiles even today that have survived the onslaught of Delhi's hot climate. The ASI, as part of its restoration work in the 1980s changed the tiles on the dome to blue. During the colonial time, it used to be a police station guarding the outskirts of Delhi and now it forms the traffic island on a busy Mathura road at the junction of Lodhi Road and the vehicles have to go around the octagonal structure that never fails to attract the attention of the passers-by with its highly recessed arches on all its sides and an attractive high dome covered with colored tiles. Absence of such Mogul features as chhajjas and chhatris points its origin in early mogul period. Amidst the heavy Delhi traffic, this small Islamic structure retains its aura  as well as the riddle about the puppose of the Bhrj and who is buried there.