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The Aina Mahal palace, or “Hall of Mirrors” in Bhuj, Gujarat was designed by a talented master craftsman Ramsinh Malam. Backed by 17 years of experience in Europe, his mastery over his work was not fully recognised by some of the Indian rulers. Disappointed as he was, he approached the ruler of Bhuj  flamboyant Lakhpatji of the Jadeja dynasty 

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in the middle of the 18th century. The king commissioned the palace the Aina Mahal in 1752 and  Malam  made the palace the talk of the town. He followed the Indo-European style of design and with ingenuity, used the local materials and finished what appeared to be a hall of dazzling mirrors of varous hues, an amazing piece of craftsmanship that was impressive and elegant. With exquisite,big chandeliers and mirror-work juxtaposed against the golden ceiling and walls, the Aina Mahal is a marvellous place to explore.  Malam  personally created and crafted many works in the palace.

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Apart from thjis project, he went ahead and founded a glass factory  at Mandvi,  made forged cannons in an iron foundry and china tiles in a factory in Bhuj. In this talented man ran the streak of   swadeshi spirit as propounded by Gandhiji. He created countless works -  the fountains, mirrors and glass work,. His other amazing creations are —a pendulum clock in sync with the Hindu calendar, doors inlaid with gold and ivory.

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The Aina Mahal was a treasure house of various arts and innovative creations. unfortunately, the 2001 devastating earthquake damaged much of the building. However, one room remained unaffected after the earthquake. That hall was repaired, restored and converted into a museum. Aina Mahal is  at the northeast corner of Hamirsar lake, easily walkable from most of Bhu cityj.