David Scott Trail, Meghalaya - a historical trail since 1800

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 David Scott who was in the employ of East India company during the very tough colonial days. considered as a sincere and dedicated worker, he became an  agent to the Governor General on the North-East Frontiers of Bengal. David Scott was sent to Cherrapunji in his capacity as the  Commissioner of Revenue Circuits of Assam.

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 A commemorative monument is  erected in Saitsohpen, Sohra in honor of David Scott, A glowing tribute in the stone inscription on the pillar by the British Raj goes as follows:

    "By his demise the government has been deprived of a most zealous, able and intelligent servant, whose loss it deeply laments, while his name will long be held in grateful remembrance and veneration by the native population, [Come ON!!! Absolutely wrong!!!] to whom he was justly endeared by his impartial dispensation of justice."

A massive brick structure - memorial built in honor of  David Scott is standing high in the land of rain - Cherrapunjee. The mountainous expanse of Meghalaya  and the surrounding terrain is mesmerizing. The obelisk is made of ashlar stone masonry raised over a square platform. An inscription is engraved on the memorial pillar.

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Born in Scotland in CE 1786, David Scott worked in India in various capacities.He died on  20th August 1831 at the age of 45 years. David Scott was both an outdoor freak and a trail blazer. In those early days of the English company's rule, going into an unknown terrain was fraught with dangers. The pioneers had to tackle wild mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, wild animal and extremely heavy rain in this part of NE India.The areas were heavily wooded, cutting a taril was a strenuous job. David, with the help of natives, explored many areas of Assam that had not been tried before. Sometime, he would venture into dense wooded areas with a hunting party. Thus, he covered a vast area with careful planning and courage and gathered data needed for better administration of natural resources, etc.

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David Scott Trail is one of the most popular trekking routes in Meghalaya state and countless hikers use this trail/path established by David Scott.  In the early 1800s,  it was widely used by  people, traveling  from Assam to Bangladesh and  total length of this historical trail is over  100 km and normally it takes about five days to  cover the distance. In those days,  the British workers and others covered  long distances on horse-back, part on foot. The best known existing portion of this horse track is located between the villages of Mawphlang and Lad Mawphlang. The trail  takes you across the beautiful terrain of East Khasi Hills and covers around 16 km. When you go for a long hike, using this trail you will run into a variety of terrains that have  streams,  waterfalls, meadows,  sacred groves, valleys and Khasi villages, etc. You have to cross them carefully. People in groups normally set up camps on the way for relaxation, rest and food. While hiking, you will be overwhelmed by the captivating  green rocky cliffs, rolling greenish hills  in the Umiam valley. The ideal time is in the months of October and November, right after the monsoons and when the climate is favorable. Incidentally, a part of this state is known to receive the highest rain fall in the world. 

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01.Meghalaya state has numerous deepest and longest caves. 

02. Near Shillong, you can enjoy visiting old  colonial bungalows  Polo Ground  and participating in the age-old game of teer (archery). Khasi cuisine of jadoh (red rice) and pork in Trattoria, available in local joints is native to this place.

03.Privately-owned Butterfly Museum at Riatsamthiah.

04. The Rhino Heritage Museum is an interesting one Once an ammo store and dungeon for Japanese POW during WWII it takes back to the last crucial world war and shows  glimpses of the Indian Army’s successful defense of the invading Japanese soldiers.