Song of India - India' 69th Republic day

India's 69th republic 2018

Song of Freedom:

Spirited Tamil poet and freedom fighter Bharati AZ Quotes

"This is the hour of
 of Song and dance.
For blissful freedom
 Is ours at last.

We've learnt that this is our own land.
  It will for ever be ours;
No nation shall enslave us again;
 We 'll prosper serving God, our sole land.

We are of the same caste and race,
  We are children of Bharat all;
We are equal in law and stature.
  And everyone is Bharat's King".

................Subramanya Bharathi, Tamil poet and Freedom fighter

Bengali poet and Nobel laureate. ANIRVAN AKASH - Ning
"Heart of mine, awake in this holy place of pilgrimage,
In this land of India, on the share of vast humanity,
Here do I stand with arms outstretched to salute man's divine,
And  sing his praise in many a gladsome poem,
These hills that are rapt in deep meditation,
These plains that clasp their rosaries of rivers.
Here, will you find earth that is ever-sacred;
In this Land of India, on the shore of vast humanity.

We know not whence and at where call these myriad streams
have come rushing forth to love themselves in this sea-
Aryan and non-Aryan. Dravidian and Chinese.
Scythian,Hun, Pathan and Mogul, all merged into one body.
Now, the West has  opened her doors, bringing their offerings.
The will give and take, unite and will not turn away.
In this Land of India, on the shore of the humanity.

Come O Aryans, come non-Aryans, Hindus, Mussalman come,
Come ye Parses, come O Christians, come ye one and all,
Come Brahmins, let thou be hallowed by holding all by hand,
Come ye all who are shunned, wipe out the dishonour.
Come to the crowning of the Mother, fill the sacred bowl
With water that is sanctified  by the touch of all
In this Land of India, on the share of vast humanity".

..................Gurudev Tagore, Bengali poet and Nobel laureate 

People of India across the states  celebrate the nation's Republic Day, which is a gazetted holiday on January 26 each year. It is an important day in India's history a great event to  remember when India's constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country's transition toward becoming an independent Republic.
Having become  independent of the United Kingdom on August 15, 1947 after centuries of oppression, exploitation, humiliation, loss of countless lives India did not have a permanent constitution  at this time. For any country, a constitution which is the supreme law of the land,  is a must as to how the country must be governed.  The drafting committee presented the constitution's first draft to the national assembly on November 4, 1947. The national assembly signed the final English and Hindi language versions of the constitution on January 24, 1950. 

The constitution lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, sets in place  the structure, procedures, powers and duties of government institutions and sets out fundamental rights, directive principles and the duties of citizens. The interesting fact is it is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world. 

 text of the Preamble to the

Dr. Ambedkar and first Indian president. 
Above image: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, chairman of the Drafting Committee, presenting the final draft of the Indian Constitution to Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 25 November 1949...............

The Drafting Committee was appointed  on 29 August 1947 with Dr B. R. Ambedkar as the Chairman along with six other members assisted by a constitutional advisor. These members were Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant, Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi (K M Munshi, Ex- Home Minister, Bombay), Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer (Ex- Advocate General, Madras State), N Gopalaswami Ayengar (Ex-Prime Minister, J&K and later member of Nehru Cabinet), B L Mitter (Ex-Advocate General, India), Md. Saadullah (Ex- Chief Minister of Assam, Muslim League member) and D P Khaitan (Scion of Khaitan Business family and a renowned lawyer). The constitutional advisor was Sir Benegal Narsing Rau (who became First Indian Judge in International Court of Justice, 1950–54). Later B L Mitter resigned and was replaced by Madhav Rao (Legal Advisor to the  Maharajah of Vadodara). On D P Khaitan's death, T T Krishnamachari was included in the drafting committee.

The new constitution repealed the Indian Independence Act. India ceased to be a dominion of the British Crown and became a sovereign democratic republic. In order to commemorate the Purna Swaraj declaration of independence of 1930 the date of 26 January was chosen.

We got our freedom with sweat and blood and countless people gave up their comfortable lives in order to free India from the British yoke. The present generation of politicians give more emphasis on rhetoric than on political action and their promises and stump speeches do not translate into positive results and it shows they lack  solid political ideology inherent in a democracy. Politicians, regardless of their political hues, differences, caste and religion  should come forward and act in unison to take the country forward.

 "The place of honor in our hearts must be given to loyalty to India. We shall truly be Indian that" .

..........................Dr. P. R. Gajengreragadkar, Former Maharastra High Court.