Jama Masjid in Champaner, Gujarat - a "UNESCO World Heritage Site"

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 Jama Majid in the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park of Gujarat is an awe-inspiring structure, Every inch of this place is well embellished and is a treat to the eye. The workmanship and artistic skills of those Gujarati artisans were quite amazing. They had the skills, talents and most importantly patience to bring to life whatever was planned and designed before. The Jama Masjid  is a monumental work, sermon in stone.  

Jama Masjid (meaning "public mosque") in Champaner, Gujarat state is a  popular Indian monument of beauty and grandeur par excellence, that comes under the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, a "UNESCO World Heritage Site".  The Baroda Heritage Trust has listed as many as 114 monuments that have to be preserved for the posterity.  This site is very close to the City Walls (Jahdnpandh).

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Completed in 1513, construction of the mosque was a long-drawn one -  taken more than 25 years. They were all built by  Sultan Mahmud Begada , drawing inspiration from Hindu architecture blended with architecture of the Sultanate. The fusion of two different styles accentuates the look of the structures and they stand apart from other stereotypical edifices. Blended in the monuments are the ethos of Hindu and Muslim traditions.  As a matter of fact the Mogul architecture  is a  mix both Hindu and Muslim styles. No part is a better example than  the large domes.
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Believed to be one of the finest mosques in Western India with its elegant interiors, the decorations on the surface areas of the mosque and tomb  such as symbols of motifs of the Sun, diamonds, pots and vines, and lotus insignia were  displayed in the earlier temples.  It has to be borne in mind the  artisans of this  region  who were in charge of these monuments  had full freedom to display their talents  learned from their forefathers. They lacked sectarian character as they  worked on assignments given by Hindus, Muslims or Jains. So, they were well-versed in different styles of stone carvings to match the need of the builder.

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 The two-story structure  has  both Islamic and Hindu structural  and decorative characters. Th presence of  entrance facing East is a good example. In Ahmedabad   the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque has similar rectangular  plan with the entrance on the east side. The   portico is capped by a large dome built over a podium and a flight of steps  to the mosque from north and south sides.

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 The carved roof with several domes, the  large courtyard the mihrabs (7 in number), nicely carved jalis (latticed windows), the entrance gates carved and fitted with fine stone jalis are the noted features of this mosque. Quite impressive are the tall
octagonal minarets 30 meters (98 ft) in height on both sides of the well-carved entrances, oriel windows. Many of these features are native to this region.
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 The main feature of the mosque is the presence of multi-prayer halls   separated by almost 200 pillars. The main prayer hall has eleven domes, the center dome being a two - story structure. The pillars support them in the form of an arcade. 
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 In this mosque there is a  prayer hall for the rulers separated from the main area by jalis. There is a provision for Zanana enclosure, and screened off northern mihrab. Tombs are located adjacent to the mosque in a square plans with columns and domes over them. To add attraction, they are  embellished with decorations.  Also included is an ablution tank of octagonal shape. Devotees come here in large number to seek the blessings of the Pir who was buried here in the garden.