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Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple, Kaviyoor, in  Pathanamthitta District of Kerala has a unique distinction of having a Srikovil (sactum) dedicated to lord Hanuman on the same temple premises. The Shivalinga is made by lord Rama himself and this is the reason Hanuman is believed to guard the special linga cast by Sitaraman on his return journey to Ayodhya after his battle against the Langa king Ravana (Lankeswaran).  It is so popular lots of devote Hindus come here on pilgrimage. The temple is on a small hill top and   can be accessed by a flight of steps. It is close to the river Manimala.  The presence of a separate Srikovil (sanctum)  for Hanuman within the Shiva temple complex  is rare feature one rarely comes across. The Keezhthrikkovil Maha Vishnu Temple is outside the temple complex on the west side.
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  Presently being managed by the Travancore Devaswom Board, this temple may date back to 1oth century or earlier. Way back, this temple was managed by  Brahmin families. The state ASI has classified it as a great monument. 

Invariably most of the Hindu temples have a legend or two as to their origin. This temple is believed to be historical in nature as the presiding deity Shiva is  in the form of a linga and  was cast by lord Sri Rama for his personal worship.  The temple legend - the first one presented here is more or less similar to the one associated with the Ramanatha Swamy temple complex at Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. Next to Kasi (Varanasi in UP) it is a famous pilgrimage center for Pithrookaryam - paying respect to forefathers. Here, on the island of Rameswaram, the  Shivalinga was cast by Sri Rama himself with a view to getting his sins removed after killing many warriors including the ruler of Lanka Ravana. 
The legend has it here at Kaviyoor this Shiva temple(dedicated to  Mahadeva) was built by Sri Rama and  Sita in the presence of Hanuman, Sugriva and Vibheeshana. Rama, upon his victory in Lanka against demon king Ravana was on his way to Ayodhya. Sri Rama wanted to have a Shiva Linga consecrated  within a specified time here for his personal worship. Being a Shathriya king Rama wanted to absolve of his  sin of having killed Ravana, a true devotee of lord Shiva. Further, Lankeswaran happened to be the son of a Brahmin and was well-versed in sastras, etc.
Upon Sri Rama's request Hanuman  went north to bring a divine Sivalinga from the Himalayas. Hanuman  took time to get a suitable  Sivalinga for  Sri Rama.
Time is an important facor for the consecration (Prathista) of Shiva Linga. Sri Rama became anxious as the time for prathista was nearing and there was no sign of Hanuman returning with the Shiva Linga. So, Sri Rama went ahead and moulded a Shiva Lingam from the earth and consecrated it. When Hanuman returned from the Himalaya with the Divya Shiva Linga he was grief stricken as consecration of another  Shiva Linga had been done  by Rama. Rama pacified Hanuman and asked him to install the Divya Shiva Linga in the place of his Shiva Linga. When Hanuman tried to replace the Shiva Linga installed by Sri Rama, he could not even shake it. Hanuman realized his folly and expressed his desire to stay near the Shiva Linga in this place to guard the idol installed by him. 
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The other legend is as follows: A sage by the name of Vilwamangalam  on a visit to this temple had a strange vision. In his reverie he saw Hanuman, who was sitting on  the branch of the huge Ilanji (Mimusops elengi) tree in the north- eastern side of the outer courtyard. The sage expressed his desire to the lord to get off the tree and sit comfortably in  the inner courtyard, near to Lord Shiva. Acceding to Sage's wish,  Hanuman sat on the sage's Japa-Kindi in the north western corner of the inner courtyard. Maharajah Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma had a dream related to this temple and had a  separate sanctum built for Lord Hanuman in AD 1934.

Architecturally, this temple is rich and is worth a visit. You will never be disappointed. The offerings to Mahadev and Vishnu  are same as in other temples.  As for Hanuman who  has his own srikovil - garbagraha  the offerings to him is  different. Aaval Panthirunazhi, is very delicious; vadamala (garland made with vada in odd number 108 0r 508 or 1008), betel leaf garland are  regular  offerings to Hanuman. The latter offering is done on prior request only. The temple  can be reached from Thiruvalla town.