Guthikonda natural caves providing nice ambiance for meditataion!!

Guthikonda Caves, Andhra
India has countless caves of various ranges across the country.  These  caves  situated in the midst of forests  provide an  unusual experience for the adventure-seeking people.  Dating back to a few thousand years,  many of them are naturally made and exhibit a nice  architecture.  The Indian caves  have become world famous tourists attraction for those who seek spiritual solace and adventure combined into one. It is an exciting  adventure into the pre-historic times.

The Guthikonda Caves are in the midst of  a  thick wooded area and are believed to be natural caves. They are quite impressive and, in the past, grabbed the attention of sages and saints of yore who needed secluded places far removed from human habitation so that they could concentrate on meditation and prayer without any external disturbances. So, they provided a quiet and serene ambiance for yogis 
and Maharishis who were in pursuit of spiritual experience.  This is the reason why the Guthikonda  area,  along with the caves,  is popularly known as the Dakshina Kasi. Guthikonda Bilam is a small, but interesting  portion of  these caves which, in the past centuries, formed  a pre-historic dwelling place for the people. The copper swords found in these caves date back to pre-historic time. The caves are in the Nallamala hill of Eastern Ghat and the rocks are mainly limestone and mica-schist. There are many caves here, but a few are accessible. The floor is uneven, and is made of gravel. Countless small and big boulders are found inside the cave.

The earliest  natural caves were used by local inhabitants for a variety of purposes, such as shrines and shelters. Evidence suggests that the caves were first occupied and altered during the Mesolithic period (6000 BC).

The caves   are  located close  to Karampudi, about 38 kilometers from Narasaraopet, Andhra State.  The Mogalarajapuram Caves in Vijayawada are  another nearby tourist attraction.