Mysterious Sonic Boom of December 18, 2012 at Jodhpur - still remains unsolved!!

Indiatimes.comJodhpur city Rajasthan.
Our world is replete with all kinds of stories, many of the fictitious and some real to chill our backbone and to make our adrenaline work over time.  UFO sightings, secret societies, paranormal activities, haunted houses or old palaces as in India  carry elements of mystery backed by unsubstantiated creepy stories. To the scoop-hungry media people, it is a nice fodder and they never fail  to sensationalise the stories. Thus mysteries, regardless of their spooky or disconcerting nature get a boost and reach the masses with extra zing.  

When something unusual, weird or spooky that we have  not either heard of or seen before happens  with no source in sight we tag it as mystery. Invariably world over some where at some place mysterious things do happen some get noticed and some do not. Many fall within the realm of some natural phenomenon for which  scientific explanation is easily available. Some leave us in the dark, groping for explanation. Such mysterious things grab our curiosity and our inquisitive mind goes overtime. 

In the palace city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan,  December 18, 2012 had begun as a normal day as preceding days. People were going around taking care of their routine job, students were busy with their lessons and women were, as usual, taking care of their routine chores at home. At banks, employees were collecting and paying out money to the customers. By all standard, it was just a normal day slowly ticking toward noon session.  At 11. 25 am what happened over the city took the people by surprise and the second biggest city in Rajasthan could not recover from the shock. The city residents heard a deafening sound never experienced before,  aggressive in nature, much worse than the sonic boom and they became startled and panicky.  The mysterious sound originated from nowhere in the sky!! There was no violent explosion of  huge petroleum storage tanks, nor was there any collision of two air crafts in the mid air.

The entire city population heard the booming sound and what is quite unusual and strange was  more or less  similar unexplained booms  accompanied by a flash of green light were reported from many other parts of the world from the Uk to the USA that month. The unearthly  global events  are not  coincidental. How come ear-piercing booms  had occurred at some locations world over in that particular month?. As of to day, the sonic boom occurred over Jodhpur  remains a riddle and the mystery is eluding the scientific community as well. 

 A sonic boom is a big sound  normally associated with the shock waves created whenever an object traveling through the air moves faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms produce  large  amounts of sound energy, quite  similar to an explosion or a thunderclap to the human ear.  Sonic booms due to large supersonic aircraft can be particularly loud, startling and disquieting. They  tend to awaken people, and may cause minor damage to some structures. This led to total ban on routine supersonic flight over land. The shape of the aircraft is the key factor.
|maginary cone following the moving objectSonic Boom
That a sonic boom does not occur only at the moment an object crosses the speed of sound or it is heard in all direction from the speeding object may surprise you. The boom is a continuous effect occurring while the object is travelling at supersonic speeds. But it only affects  only when observers stand at a point that intersects an imaginary geometrical cone behind the object. As the object keeps moving the imaginary cone follows behind and when the cone passes over the observer, they will briefly experience the boom.
Good examples  of sonic boom in miniature form are: the crack of a supersonic bullet passing overhead or the crack of a bullwhip miniature.

As for the unexpected sudden sonic boom over Jodhpur city, the  following were ruled out: 01. Any Indian Air Force  new type of supersonic fighter jet activities that day.  Defence spokesperson immediately denied such heresy,  02. IAF never conducts test flight of jets over the urban areas.
03. No commercial operation of supersonic aircraft in this part of Rajasthan. 04. Any heavy blast experiment in the desert area  nearby by the Indian Army.  05. Were the booms connected with other  global boons in some way - the mystery remains unanswered. In the wake of this boom, following several days and months, December 18, 2012 incident became the subject of discussion right from tea shops to big TV Talk Show events. 

Countless people could not contain their fear and anxiety over the fate of the world and took the deafening boom as a sort of precursor to dooms day - end of the human race that might occur in the future as forecast by Mayan calendar - an apocalypse in the making!! Now  it has become the stuff of legend in India. It is confirmed by the geologists who say the seismic readings of these events are unusual, not recorded before.

Malaysian Airlines Plane mysteryPinterest

01. In March 2014, 239 people on board the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished  without any trace whatsoever in what has been considered as the greatest mystery in aviation history. It appears the plane’s disappearance will remain a mystery and continue to be a favorite topic for conspirators for years to come.

American jazz player Glenn Miller. Australian Financial Review
02.  The mystery of sudden disappearance of America's  famous Big Band  Jazz player -Glenn Miller’s plane still remains a mystery. He was entertaining the US  troops in Europe during World War II. Then, on a foggy afternoon, December 15, 1944, he took off from  Southern England heading for France. His plane vanished like the Willow-the wisp over the English Channel. Glenn Miller was never seen again.
Glenn Miller and his Plane The Sun
The moot questions are:  Did friendly fire destroy the plane? Was Glenn  involved in espionage activities and caught by the Nazi Army?  Was he on a secret mission  at the request of the government to end the war?  As of to day, no proper explanation is available.