Quotes for life - 13

Dan's Cartoons
01. "It is to be noted that anger or intemperate mind has neither eyes nor ears, but only madness on the gallop"

vicious bee  Logos.co
02. "An obnoxious person has a sweet tongue, but a venomous heart and  his words have a sting much worse than  vicious bees".

03. ''When over worked, your tongue needs more rest than your head".

04. "Arrogance is precursor to idiocy and ultimate downfall".
Jantoo Cartoons
05. "Ignorance is slavery, arrogance and intimidation is savagery and vengeance or vigilante justice is butchery"

06. "The fag end of greed  and over-expectation is the beginning of happiness and a contended life".
Income inequality, the rich and poor Seven Pillars Institute
07.''The rich displays arrogance and pride when they talk through money. But, the poor display patience and tolerance when they reply through servitude". 

08. ''The rich - haunted by the fear of too much money .
But, the poor - haunted by the fear of too little money and sunken stomach".
09. ''The cure for fear and anxiety is to put them nice and clean under your feet and trample on them".

 10.''He, who is always in a hurry, will trip head over heels".
bait and a trap Dreamstime.com
11. The bait hides the trap, so is a treacherous man who hides his murderous character''.