The replica of Thanjavur Big Temple at Dagdusheth Ganapati temple, Pune
Above image:  Dagdusheth Ganpati temple, Pune. The replica of 
Thanjavur temple -  Brihadeesvara temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva) built by king Rajarajan in the year 1010 AD.  
Brihadeesvara temple, Thanjavur.
Today I read with interest an article  published in ''The Hindu'' (dtd. Sept.13, 2018) titled ''Pune’s Ganesha in ‘Thanjavur temple’. Only yesterday I posted an article on the famous Dagdusheth Ganpati temple at Pune. That the Ganapati idol will spend this year's Vinayaga Chathurthi in the Brihadeesvara temple replica is a good news and a well-deserved tribute from the well-known pune temple to the great temple at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu built by one of the greatest  Chola ruler Sri Rajarajan in the year 1010 AD. It is one of the UNESCO's world heritage site. In 2010, this unique temple  with a tall tower (Gopuram) made entirely of hard rock - granite and related stone,  celebrated its 1000th anniversary under the leadership of the late CM M. Karunanidhi.

Dancers at Brihadishwara Temple 1000 year commemoration,
At Dagdusheth Ganpati temple, Pune this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi festivities will  commence on Thursday, and the deity's idol will be kept in the  iconic model of Brihadeeswara temple. This year, a 100 ft by 100 ft replica of the 11th century Brihadeeswara temple, Thanjavur would be set-up as it has been a tradition of this 75 year old trust  to make replica of famous and historic temples across the country on this particular occasion - Ganesh Chathurthi. This auspicious day marks  the Trust’s 126th year of public Ganesha festivities and all the expenses are borne by it. One Ashok Godse, president of the Trust is taking serious efforts to make the festivities a success. The festivities will last for ten days. 

The gesture shown by the trust is quite commendable and the twin purposes are: The public festivities bring together people from different caste and communities so that they can work and worship with devotion without exhibiting  any hesitation. It  creates an atmosphere of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect. The other aspect is  by erecting models of other temples from across India, they provide a chance for the local people to appreciate our rich culture and heritage bound together by the same religious belief.  
Thanjavur Big Temple, TN
The custodians of the Dagdusheth Ganapati Temple operate it under Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Trust and they have the finest name as good administrators of this rich temple. The temple was founded  in 1893 by one  Dagdusheth Gadve, a successful sweetmeat seller (or halwai) and business man  upon the advice of his spiritual Guru in the wake of his son's death in the Plague epidemic that affected part of Maharashtra during the colonial time. Being close to the great freedom  fighter Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, he built the second temple in 1896 and it was Tilak who converted the private Ganesh  Chathurthi festivities into Public festivities to hoodwink the British who banned public meetings in those days. As the condition of the second idol was not good, the new one was made in 1968 at the cost of Rs. 4500.00. The sculptor happened to be a man from Dharwar.  The idol kept in the Thanjavur  Brihadeeswara temple replica is adorned with 40 kg gold.