Interesting Thirupuraikkal Karnaki Amman Temple, Palakkad, Kerala

Thirupuraikkal_Temple, Palakkad,

Thirupuraikkal_Temple, Palakkad, Kerala. Holy Yearnings

Thirupuraikkal Temple, also called Karnaki Amman Temple at Moothanthara in Palakkad town, Kerala is an important ancient Hindu temple.

It is believed that it is the  only Karnaki Temple in Kerala  where the goddess Karnaki is worshiped in her full ''swarupam'' in idol form. The people who live in this part of town  are mostly descendants of  early settlers, in particular, Brahmin community from the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Often referred to as Moothan people - earliest settlers, they follow both cultures and invariably.  speak mainly Malayalam, despite their Tamil roots. This temple design is a blend of  Tamil and Malayalam architecture.

The Srikovil - sanctum of this temple (Moolasthanam) where goddess Karnaki is enshrined and worshiped is at Nadu–pathi at Moothanthara (Melamuri). This temple, over a period of time became so famous, people from neighboring places came here for darshan and to be blessed by the  Devi. According to history, Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali of Mysore, was on a war expedition to Kerala in the 18th century.  When Palakkad and other places came under his control, he once  tried to  ransack and destroy this temple. Ardent devotees of Goddess Karnaki frantically wanted to save the idol and the possessions of the temple  to avoid destruction  and looting by  sultan's marauding army. This idol was saved and  retained by the community of Moothans and is now being  worshiped at Karnaki Amman temple, Moothanthara. Goddess' other  divine possessions such as a peedom (sitting chair). Umbrella (Kodai) and kindi (a sort of pitcher made of silver)  were taken to different locations near-by.  Her peedam (platform or divine seat) is worshiped at Vadakkanthara Bhagwathy temple, while  her umbrella is worshiped at another Karnaki temple in the town'  suburb and the Kindi is  reverentially worshiped at Pirayiri Kannukottu Bhagawathy temple.
Vedakanthara Temple Palakkad
The unusual feature about this temple and in the Visalakshi 
Sametha Shiva Temple (Shiva-Parvathy Temple) in the same compound is quite interesting. The  traditional puja protocol and  the temple rituals are performed with much devotion, but are different. In the  Karnaki temple, the  pooja practices are conducted by  the Nambudiri Brahmins according to Kerala tradition while in the Shiva Temple, Tamil Shaiva Vedic  form of Pooja practices are followed  by Tamil Brahmin priests.

The major temple festival is  Valiya Aarattu that is held for three days in the month of  February-March every year.  The distribution of Prasadam on the festival days is a great event and it is mainly sponsored by rich people in the community. Great exponent of Carnatic music and the Guru of Sri Yesu Das (renowned playback singer and Carnatic musician) Sri Sembai Vaidhyanatha Bhagavathar used to visit this temple  and conducted kutcheris (concerts). He always kept the music lovers spell-binding, that is what some of my passing acquaintances used to tell me.