Mahmud Gawan Madrasa, Bidar, Karnataka - a historic religious monument needs to be repaired and preserved

Mahmud Gawan Madrasa in Bidar,
Above image: Mahmud Gawan Madrasa, Bidar  was built by Mahmud Gawan, the Vizier of the Bahmani Sultanate as the center of learning in the Deccan.............................................

Mahmud Gawan  (1411, Iran - 1481), Prime Minister in the Bahamani Sultanate of Deccan hailing  from the village of Gawan in Persia, was  a multi-faceted personality - well-versed in Islamic theology, Persian language and Mathematics, besides being a famous poet and a prose writer. Quite natural as a man of wisdom and erudition, Mahmud Gawan   became a minister in the court of Muhammad III (1463-1482) and  enjoyed the trust and confidence of rulers as well as the  locals.  The rulers of other kingdoms respected his scholarship and administrative skills.Apart from other skills, he was also a patron of  art and poetry
Mahmud Gawan Madrasa in Bidar, Karnataka
 In the realm of military affairs, he was quite knowledgeable and and efficient. Impressed with his military genius and all-round ability,  Sultan Humayun Shah had taken him in his service. After Humayun's unexpected death in 1463, he not only became the guardian of his minor prince Nizam Shah but also had to run the government. Sultan's  brother Muhammad III aged 9 succeeded him, Mahmud Gawan served as the prime minister. In 1474, when a terrible famine struck Bijapur and other areas with no rains in the following two years, he introduced a revised land revenue system to alleviate the sufferings of the farmers.
Mahmud Gawan Madrasa in Bidar, Karnataka
Being faithful to the royal kingdom, he enlarged it by conquering 
Kanchi (Kanjeevaram) during his daring campaign against Vijayanagar. He  successfully subdued rulers of  Konkan, Sangameshwara, Orissa and Vijayanagar. He did not leave Goa and Dabhol, the best part of Vijayanagar empire.

Mahmud Gawan, as a  Vizier of the Bahmani Sultanate  built the Madrasa  now called  Mahmud Gawan Madrasa,  as the center of learning in the Deccan. The great university in the old town of Bidar was founded by him. Being a linguist and mathematician, his library wasa  big one with more than 3,000 manuscripts.

This Madrasa is a 3 story structure  with a length of 242 ft, width of 222 ft and height of 56 ft height. This unique building, with a nice arched facade, includes  monumental minaret, a mosque, labs, lecture halls and students' cells overlooking  an immense courtyard. The mosque once had blue tiles on the outer walls and this gave it a majestic appearance.  Many of the blue tiles have either been pilfered or fallen off because of age. The minaret is unique and elegant built with nice-looking  Samarkhand-like domes here and there.

Mahmud Gawan, being a foreign noble (Afaqis), the Deccanis (local nobles) were jealous of him and consequently, he faced all kinds problems from them. To charge him with treason and to topple him, the Deccani nobles prepared a forged treasonous document. As ill-luck would have it, the Sultan, in a drunken stupor,  ordered Mahmud Gawan  executed in April 1481. With him  took off unity, power and pelf of the Bahmani Sultan. The kingdom was in disarray with the death of Gawan.  Later the Sultan repented his  decision taken in haste and buried his Prime Minister with honors worthy of him.
This historic  Madrasa seems to be not well taken care of  like other monuments. The old building need urgent repairs and restoration.