Moti (pearl) Mosque, Mehrauli, Delhi built by one of the last Mogul rulers of Delhi

Moti Masjid of Zafar Mahal in Mehrauli, south Delhi
Moti Masjid of Zafar Mahal in Mehrauli,Pixelated Memories
Moti Masjid of Zafar Mahal in Mehrauli, south Delhi is at  the far corner of the courtyard from the  main arched entrance  and has 3 impressive domes and marbled exterior and  a recessed miharba on the western wall. Once the Pearl Mosque could be accessed from the gate adjoining  the dargah of  Hazrat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Saki (ra). Only a wall separates the nice courtyard of the mosque and the dargah. But now the entrance of the Dargah is  closed to public by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), who declared Zafar Mahal and Moti Masjid as protected monuments. Besides, hooligans in the guise of  visitors to these places, effaced the outer walls with graffiti and intolerable ''Love'' messages. They spoil the beauty of such fascinating monuments and it is a blot on our civic sense and culture.
Zafar Mahal and Moti Mosque, Mehrauli, Delhi   Rangan Datta -
The Pearl Mosque of Zafar Mahal is  not as beautiful or as big as the Moti mosque of Red Fort. But it was built for the same purpose - an exclusive  place of worship for the royal family members who preferred privacy. `Inside on the  marbled floor are  patterns  of prayer ma . This mosque built around 1707 by one of the last Mogul Emperors.has only  one minaret  survived, but it is not in good shape. To avoid additional damage, the ASI  has put up external scaffolding.  Impressive parapets and tapering minarets,
two Azan minars.on the SE and NE corners of the small complex make it impressive.,
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Moti Mosque in Red Fort, Agra
Above image:  Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque shown here is  the private mosque of Shah Jahan in the Red Fort complex, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. India. The Mori Mosque of Zafar Mahal in  Mehrauli, south Delhi is a different one (see the very first image) ................

Close to the mosque  one can see the sardgah, the enclosure containing graves of Emperor Akbar Shah II and the empty slot, where Bahadur Shah Zafar wanted to be buried. One door of the mosque opens inside the Dargah complex, and is usually kept locked. This palace (Zafar Mahal) was built adjoining Dargah of Hazrat Kaki, when Akbar Shah II started the famous Sair-e-Gulfarosha’N (Phoolwalo’N ki sair) festival of Delhi. Royal family along with other nobles from Red Fort used to stay in this palace during the 7 days of festivities.
These once active places centuries ago have things of the past  and lie ignored and in silence.