Coffee does not stiffen arteries!! - other health benefits

Home made filter coffee.
office worker enjoying coffee to burp up frustration..
Is drinking coffee conducive to good health? Does drinking coffee really have health benefits? These questions have been more often discussed by many than about  other health drinks that are really bad to health.. Until recent past, a large number of research studies were not in favor of drinking coffee.  It was thought that drinking coffee in moderation was ok and more than  6 cups of pure coffee a day would promote palpitation and  heart problems.  In the Indian subcontinents, normally people drink coffee in a different way - more milk in a cup with a small quantity of  concentrated pure decoction.
Across the globe, most people would prefer drinking coffee  in the morning and in India coffee is the first choice after getting up in the morning. Coffee culture is closely linked with socializing in many counties and India is not an exception. . If you drop in on your friend's place  or if relatives visit your house  hot coffee is offered to refresh you and to exchange pleasantries.  In a small gathering, it is always nice to have discussion or serious talk on some pressing matter over a cup of coffee to  keep up the spirits of the people involved. So, many communities in India  are addicted to coffee at least 3 times a day- early morning, afternoon and  evening. So, coffee freaks, need not worry about the effects of coffee on your health and there is a piece of good news for you that will make you cheerful.  Your daily  addiction to coffee  is not harming your heart, rather it  is offering  some protection from heart disease. Coffee drinkers who drink four or more cups a day seem to benefit the most. Please note  01, Coffee is not likely to cause heart arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). 02. Consumption of coffee has no potential link with the presence of coronary artery calcium (CAC) which is an early indicator of coronary atherosclerosis (when arteries become clogged). Arteries get hardened over a period of time by CAC that may lead to blood clot or stroke.  Most of the coffee drinkers did not show any sign of heart  condition. This is according to researchers led by the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in South Korea. A cup of coffee is an energy booster and caffeine in coffee is no longer a culprit.
It is to be borne in mind: Do not take coffee on empty stomach in the morning after getting up from the bed
because it might release the hydrochloric acid in your digestive system and it will be painful if you have gastritis. It might affect digestion of proteins that  may cause inflammation of the bowel. It may increase the level of cortisol, the hormone that helps us stay awake. So, it is good if you drink a couple of glasses of water on empty stomach, five or ten minutes, at least, before you sip your hot brew in the morning .
Helth benefits of coffee drinking: 

01. A number of studies proved that the daily consumption of  coffee lowers the risk of some type of cancer.  It  also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

02. Coffee gives protection against two types of  most common cancer - colorectal and liver cancer.  As for liver cancer 4  to 5 cups of coffee may lower the risk by 40%; and 15% in the case of  colorectal cancer. Coffee also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

03. Coffee has beneficial nutrients and  is extremely high in antioxidant that is actually good  controlling cholesterol, etc.  

04. Research studies show that if people, suffering from  type-2 diabetes, drink  5 plus cups of  coffee every day it reduces the risk of death by 30%.  This is according to a report issued by the American Chemical Society, 

05. It also helps improve your memory power and concentration. mentally you become alert and active. This is because coffee helps the  brain  produce some important neurotransmitters that boost the neurons.

06. Caffeine in coffee may  be beneficial to  people who have Parkinson’s disease and  Alzheimer’s.

07. A recent research study undertaken by Queen Mary University, London on 8000 people debunks the previous postulation that coffee drinking could lead to arterial stiffness promoting heart condition. Studies claim that coffee is not as bad as it was thought earlier. 

In the light of recent studies do not drink coffee with reservation that may put off your joy of sipping a hot brew. Enjoy every sip to your heart's content.  If you have known heart disease or heart rhythm problems, it is good to consult your  doctor about coffee consumption. If you have no heart condition and  are a moderate coffee drinker, then keep it up. 
Way back the  world did not know much about coffee then.  Arabs who were involved in the export of coffee, sold it only in roasted/salted format so that they won't germinate anywhere else. It was one Indian Sufi saint named Baba Budan, accidentally ran into coffee on a visit to Mecca. He saw the dark drink in Mocha, Yemen.
South Indian filter coffee.
 Driven by fascination, on completion of his pilgrimage, he  tied a few beans to his belly with a cloth and smuggled the beans out of Arabia. Legend has it that Baba Budan planted seven saplings  in 1670  in places that now form parts of Karnataka State. There  they grew to become coffee plantations on Baba Budangiri hills in Chickmagalur. During the colonial period, coffee production grew on a grand scale and the plantations on the hills were owned by the British families  and  British companies.