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 Empty coffers:
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Hindustan Times

"A coffer becomes empty one day if ones hoard  grows too big and charity declines to trickle. From political perspective,  the government coffer becomes empty if corrupt and dishonest bureaucrats  and politicians lay their hands on  funds meant for people who voted them to power and syphon out them for their
personal gains  A coffer that is full almost to the brim is healthy for the government and if IT IS half full it is good  for the family and  future needs".

Empty Heart: 
Rich guy.

Charity begins at young age.
  A man may be filthy rich and be proud of his vast estate and investments in the banks. But, if his heart is empty and lacks charity, his affluence  and money power will not give him peace of mind and joy  till he hits the grave where the rich and the poor share the same dirt.

Happy  man:
"A truly 'Happy Man' is the one who gets up in the early morning without getting annoyed by creditors or loan sharks and most importantly nagging wife.  He does not poke his nose into others' business and look for something to chew on  and work on it. Nor does he have lofty  ideals far beyond his capacity to reach the sky-high goals. He takes every step carefully and be content with things that give him lasting happiness and peace of mind. 
If he is committed to remain happy, unmindful of all sad commentary and disgusting remarks about him, nothing can stop him. He minds his business and enjoys happiness in self-contentment.''

Lustful eyes:
Caroline in the City

Tom cat.
'' 'Lustful Eyes' is a societal  problem of  not only young adults, but also of coots  and has to be in check; if not, at stack are your pride self-respect and dignity. Once you lose them and the veil over you, it is difficult to earn a name in the society. Lust-less, lovely eyes show the strength of your soul, but eyes full of lust emerge  from empty heart.''

Politicians' safe deposit vault:
Rookie politician's ' empty safe'
Well-experienced politician's  'safe' full to the top.
'One can notice the contents in the 'safe deposit vault' in the politicians' house. when they begin their innings in the political arena as rookies, they  put in good and sincere service to the people by translating promises into action, they are happy, but their 'safe' is almost empty. No under dealings.   As they mature and grow in stature and move up the ladder in the party ranks, their 'safe' is almost full, but they are not happy. Because they are bogged down by their empty promises of plenty, lies half lies and, most importantly, internal rivalry among other members. Danger is lurking them as his opponents may exploit their 'Achilles' heel at any time on any day''.