Controversial Gandhiji's image on the Beer bottle of an Israeli Beer Company

Gandhiji's image on Israeli winw

 Now, an  Israeli Beer Company to surge ahead of competition has  chosen  a caricature of Mahatma Gandhi, an apostle of non-violence, who became the foremost freedom fighter during the British occupation of India prior to August 1947. It was purely a marketing gimmick to get the attention of the beer freaks.  The bottle with the image of Gandhi was created jointly by the Malka Brewery and Negev Beers.  Surprisingly, the set of box containing the beer was meant  for commemoration of Israel's 71st Independence Day (in May this year).  Gandhiji, a non-Israeli,  was the 5th person featured on the beer bottle. Earlier, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Menachem Begin, former PMs besides Theodor Herzl, father of Zionism, were the other celebrated personalities who were featured on the bottles.

It was Kerala's  Gandhi National Foundation chairman Eby J.Jose who took action in this matter and  submitted written complaints to Indian PM Narendra Modi and his Israeli Counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu over  the use of controversial caricature of Mahatma Gandhi on the beer bottle.  Eby J. Jose said  the image made a “mockery” of the independence leader. Labelling a great Indian leader on the alcoholic beverage bottle  is an act of irreverence and a blot on Gandhi who was against drinking alcohol. Gandhiji's caricature image  wearing shades on a liquor bottle made in Israel kicked up a big row.
Mr. Jose who was stunned after seeing the image of Father Of The Nation on the liquor bottle, took prompt action to get it rectified.  He first noticed the bottle with Gandhiji's image  in an on line video posted by an Indian man working in Israel. 

American beer,

I don't not understand why Gandhiji's name is dragged out again and again to make him become a subject of controversy. and discussion. In May this year, during the Parliament election,  Tamil movie actor Kamal Hassan  mentioned that Godse, the assassin of Gandhiji, was the first Hindu terrorist. In the wake of this gaffe, Gandhiji became a subject of hot debate and the circumstances leading to his assassination. 

The above controversy over his image on beer bottle   reminds me of  a funny, but serious subject related to  Gandhiji. There are thousands of exotic  names in this world,  how come the Woodbridge (Connecticut, USA) based New England Brewing Company chose the name of Mohan Das Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) to name  its new variety of brew called Gandhi Beer? This highly hopped beer had been  on the market for roughly 5 years  when  Gandhiji's image on the beer  can was noticed by some Indians. The American Beer co had a catchy sales pitch - as  "fully vegetarian" and "an ideal aid for self-purification and the seeking of truth and love''.  After a lawsuit filed in India  that claimed the company had dishonored the memory of the independence leader, he Connecticut brewing company eventually apologized and removed all references to. Gandhi from its products.
Fortunately, the Israeli beer company does not have any catchy slogan matching Gandhiji's moral turpitude and  self- spiritual purification. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Gilad Dror, Brand Manager of the company, apologized saying that he regrets using Mahatma Gandhi's image on the liquor bottles.

"Malka Beer offers its heartfelt apologies to the people and the Government of India for hurting their sentiments. We highly respect and value Mahatma Gandhi and regret our action of putting his image on our bottles," Gilad Dror said in the statement.