Vanamutti Perumal temple, Kozhikuthi, near Mayiladuthurai - yet another deity made of Athi tree (fig wood)

Vanamutti Perumal temple, Kozhikuthi, TN
Besides Varadaraja Perumal temple and Pavala Vanna Perumal temple at Kanchipuram, there is a Vishnu temple in the village of Kozhikuthi near Mayiladuthurai town called Vanamutti Perumal (god stretching up to the sky) temple.  Most fascinating aspects of this old temple which is roghly 800 years old, are the moolar deity made from a single athi tree is 15 feet tall and the presence of Saptheswara Anjaneyar idol made of  hard stone. When struck, the idol produces  seven different musical sounds. Located on the northern bank of the Cauvery, this temple is a shetram for people to get rid of Sani Dosham and incurable skin related diseases. 

In the Kanchipram temples you can worship Ativaradhar  for just 48 days every 40 years during which period the wooden idol will be safely kept under water and will emerge again 40 years from now. In Kanch  presently, athivaradhat darshan has been going on since 1 July and this rare event will continue till 17 August. Lakhs of devotees from Tamil Nadu and other parts of India come to Varadaraja Perumal temple for darshan. The other temple Pavala Vanna Perumal temple, due to poor publicity, has limited visitors.  In the case of Kozhi Kuthu Perumal, the lord gives darshan year round and there is no such a temple ritual like keeping the lord underwater for 40 long years, etc. The reason is this place was not vulnerble to Muslim invasion way past.   
Vanamutti Perumal,  Kozhikuthi, TN
This temple was built by Kulothunga Chola II (12th-century king of the Chola Dynasty of the Tamil Desam, South India. He succeeded his father Vikrama Chola to the throne in 1135 CE; the inscriptions of Kulothunga II mention  his reign from 1133 CE). Also known as Srinivasa Perumal temple, praying to the presiding deity here is equal to praying to Varadaraja Perumal, Tirupathi Perumal and Sholingar Yoga Narashimhar.  Devotess get triple benefits and the temple is just 6 km from Mayiladuthurai which is an important railway junction on the main line that has connections to different parts of India. 

Here, the Lord has  four hands holding Sangu (conch), Chakra (divine disk), Gadha (mace) and his 4th hand showing abhaya mudra (''I will safeguard thee''). Tulasi mala, Yagyoapaveetham and other ornaments  enhance the majesty of the lord in the sanctum. It is said the wooden idol's feet are now rooted in the living tree. Painting is done on the idol using  natural dyes prepared from leaves and hurbs. The 'Utchava murthi', made of an alloy of five metals is Yoga Narashimhar. Thirumanjanam/ abiskekham is done only to him not to the Moolavar (main deity). The Lord is in a standing posture - ‘ullasa bhava’ with his left leg gently  folded  and his right leg well  secured to the ground.  Lord's consort  Bhumi Devi is on the left side and other consort Mahalakshmi is on the chest of the idol.  Raja Serfoji made additions - he built the prathakshana paths - prakarams around the sanctum. The temple tank is called ''Pippalar Thertham'' where, the sage was cured of his skin disease. There is a stone image of Pippalar in the temple of ''Marga Shahayeswarar''.

There is a separate shrine for Lord Anjaneya (Hanuman) in the temple. Sri Anjaneya of this kshetra  is made of unique stone called Sapthaswara Sri Anjaneya and produces 7 different musical sound when struck.  A visit to this temple means, you are getting rid of ''Pithru dosham'' and  ''Sani dosham'', This will help you achieve success in your life and you are assured of good welfare and peace of mind, the latter two are essential to keep going in your life. Material prosperity is only transient.
''Brahmostchavam'' is a major temple festival for five days here and begins with flag-hoisting in Thai (Kettai star) and chariot festival in Thiruvonam star. 
Ref: Kozhi Kuthu  Van Mutti Perumal, Dinamalar Bakhi weekly Magazine dated 18 july 2019.