Early Colonial college Muir Central College, Allahabad, India

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Muir Central College in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh  is one of the oldest colleges of higher education in India founded in 1872 by William Muir (27 April 1819 – 11 July 1905), a Scottish Orientalist and British administrator. The  Muir Central College, was endowed.  In 1867 Muir was knighted (K.C.S.I.), and in the following year 1868 he became lieutenant-governor of the North Western Provinces of India.  Being an orientalist, it was natural that in 1884 he  was elected president of the Royal Asiatic Society based in Calcutta,  now in West Bengal. In 1885 he was chosen as the  principal of Edinburgh University, succeeding  Sir Alexander Grant, and held the post till 1903, when he retired. When  Allahabad University was established in 1921 through an act, Muir College was merged into  the newly formed  University.
Founder of Muir Central College, Willam Muir. /en.wikipedia.org

 The Muir Central College and the university were established with a view to preparing and molding young Indian students to chalk out their future  and inculcate responsibility toward the society and their country. Over a period of time, the central college produced graduates who had held positions of responsibility and commitments in various fields  and made a mark in them, particularly in trade, diplomacy  and politics. The universities at Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras (the first in India) had  been there already and the classes were held taught in English and not in native languages. Muir College gave due importance to native tongues commonly spoken in India.
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Fine buildings came up between 1872 to 1886 and they were designed by the British architect William Emerson, who later designed fascinating buildings like the Victoria Memorial, Calcutta, Crawford Market, Bombay, etc.  According to  Saiyid Ahmed Khan, the founder of Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh,   "Muir College opened in 1872 with three departments of equal standing, teaching respectively through the vernaculars, the 'oriental' classics and English. Muir appointed well-known scholars to teach various oriental subjects''.  Maulawi Zaka Allah was  Professor of Vernacular Science and Literature and he taught Arabic, Persian, Urdu and mathematics. One of the students' favorites was Aditya Ram Bhattacharya, professor of Sanskrit. Arthur Hay Stewart was professor of law from 1883 to 1895, and Homersham Cox was appointed  to teach mathematics in 1891.
The college had full-fledged oriental departments and by 1880, Muir  could be counted as one of the most successful educational institutions imparting quality educations to the students who would become nation builders in the future. 
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To meet the boarding and lodging needs of the students from various parts of India Muir Hostel was built in 1911 to benefit the prospective students. Owing to hard work put in by the teaching staff and administrators of Allahabad University and Muir College  it earned the nick name in  the late 1920s to the late 1950s as the 'Oxford of India'. Its first principal was   Augustus Spiller Harrison (1872–1885) and the last British principal was   Jeremiah Joseph Ernest Durack (1920–1922).