Funny quotes & humor, - 56

 Humor in the grave:
Losing someone, may be a friend or a member of your family,  can impact  you personally. Days of grief, sorrow and separation  following the loss may  haunt for sometime.   However, some people who  reached the heavenly abode after having  led a humble, but humorous life on this earth,  will never disappoint the visitors to their graves in the church graveyard. With a view to playing down  their  grief, pain and sorrow  they immortalize themselves by way of funny epithet.
 Jesus Called And Kim Answered.
 dead man pressed the accelerator instead of the break to stop the car. pinrest com
rock fell on the man from heaven  to take him back there.
No manfgrn.... date!!
 Money matter and greed:

 Many people love money more than their better-half; the  ''Will''  executed by the  rich departed soul is the one most sought after. In the case of  ''winning Super lotto'', the beloved wife /husband  will  turn the house upside down to get it. Such a poor soul  will go to such an extend to dig the grave and shake-up the loved one in slumber to possess it.   
widow looking for the winning lottery ticket in the grave.
money bag closer to the heart than his wife.

 ''Like a horse wearing blinds, when greed goes past love and  'care after money,  only madness will prevail at the end.''

''Money is the root of all evils watered by  greed.  Mind you, greed is the one that forced Judas to put Jesus Christ on sale. Greed is the one that betrayed Indian Maharajahs and Nawabs to the British.''     

''Greed being fathomless with no ends in sight, humans get exhausted to achieve  contentment.''

''Nagging desires writ, having writ, move on, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. The uncontrollable craving goes unchecked.''
 ''What is the best way to test the people's honesty and character?  Chase  and observe  them   carefully at places where money is involved.''

 ''The modem life is is such that man is chasing the money like a donkey chasing the carrots dandling before it. The unabated chase will take him closer to the grave. What is the driving force here?: greed.''

''What  is so special about money is, when you have it in handful, you are tempted to spend a lot. When running out and hard on cash, it again forces you chase it. It is a vicious circle.''

''Money is a powerful terminator, providing a path for you to access all the evils under the sun. You end up becoming a drunk, gambler, womanizer and finally broke. It spoils every good trait in you and   at the end starvation overwhelms you.'' 
people will always go after money with glee.
''The happier  are those people who   dwell in a small dwelling  with  their  contented  wife with limited resources  than those kings  whose queen  loves  expensive diamond jewelry and gold ornaments  and  other luxuriates  more than her husband.''

'' Like fish that can not live out of water, men are caught in this weird society in which  they can not live with  basics without economic oxygen called  'money'.''
''In modern life, greedy man chases the money blindly like a stupid man chasing mirage in the desert .''

''Your relatives who ran away from you when you were low on luck, will get stuck with you like a leech if you trip upon a  gold mine or get a big jackpot.''