Run or jog baby, run or jog, don't be sedentary

Sweating /panting 'll go hand-in-hand.

Among  physical activities to improve overall health and prevent the onset of cardiovascular problems as one  ages and goes past mid age  Jogging or running is, no doubt,  a popular form of physical activity.  The advantage is it neither costs big investment nor does it require  exercising gadgets like tread mill etc that will cost a bundle.; further, you can run at any time either in the morning or in the evening as you wish.  Yet another inherent  benefit  is  when you  jog  in a serene, green  natural environment, say in a park or jogging track  far removed from the madding crowd and urban chaos, it is quite appealing to your mind and  soul.  It is said  one in  five Australians chooses jogging or slow running at some stage of his life to get  health benefits.

 As we are aware that both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise, meaning  any intense physical activity produces energy in our body by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat. The difference between running and jogging is the former  requires more  energy level as the heart, lungs and muscles  are put to maximum use, unlike  jogging that does not demand high energy level. Both are  beneficial to cardio-vascular functioning and reduces the heart rate/ minute at rest. A man who has been a jogger or runner for a long time will have low heart rate, say 50 beats/per minute that will do the work of 72 to 80 beats/minute. Joggers and runners should take precaution that it is likely after crossing middle age, they may be prone to arthritis problem owing to wear and tear of knee joints weakening ligaments. This problem does not arise if you do aerobic exercise in moderation. 

Today I ran into a news item in the local news paper about the benefits of jogging/running. There are innumerable  articles on the benefits of jogging on health and strengthening of heart muscles. This research report is based on scientific medical research, so the credibility factor does not arise in this case. 
 fast jogging if chased by El Toro. you may pick up 2nd wind.
The research work was done by researchers  at two Australian universities - University of Victoria and University of Sydney. It is based on 14 studies, involving 2,32,149  people whose heath had been regularly checked for 5.5 and 35 years. During the study period  25,951 people died.  The researchers pooled the data  to correlate any amount of  running  was associated with 27% lower risk of death from all causes for both males and females. The study found out:  
01.Running was positively associated with  a 30% lower risk of death from heart problems. 
02. The study also reported  23% of lower risk of death  from the most dreaded disease -  cancer. 
03. Even small bits of aerobic exercise, say  once weekly lasing  50 minutes or less  each time at a normal speed of 8 km /hr had a significant impact on the  health  and longevity benefits.  

The results of this long-drawn research  were published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The in-depth analysis focused on the  association between running or jogging and the risk of death from heart problems, cancer, etc. 

The corollary to this research studies is '' any amount of physical exercise such as jogging or running will significantly lower the risk of premature death.  Aerobic exercises have good longevity benefits.
Ref; ''Jogging reduces the risk of early death'', The New Indian Express (Tiruchi Edition), dated 06 Nov. 2019. E.mail: