Spectacular Patrika Gate, Jaipur - a legacy of Rajasthani artwork and architecture

colorful interior. Patrika gate, Jaipur. indiaraju.com
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Among the Indian states, Rajasthan is a paradise for tourists who love old  stunning palaces, massive, impregnable forts, etc. The main city Jaipur is dotted with lots of worth seeing places that may mesmerize you. Among them surely, the  Patrika Gate that forms  a part of a series of royal gates built across the city is a great sight to hold. It is close to the International airport and the city itself is well-connected  by railroad with many cities of India including the south. Surrounded by lush gardens, the beautiful rainbow walkway is an important landmark in this old pink city. There are 9  pink arches that are accessed through a huge door, The facade may appear simple in appearance, mind you it may be deceptive; once inside, it is a world of colors.    This newly-built  entrance to the Jawahar Circle is an epitome of beautiful architecture and workmanship native to this state, simply a spectacular one.  The other  8 gates were built in the past. Incidentally,  the circular park is one of the largest ones in Asia.  
Amazing artwork. Patrika gate, Jaipur. pineappleislands.com
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Hundreds of local artisans have done a painstaking job that needs special talent and skill.  The colorful  walkway is a fascinating one. The rich pillars in the  walkway give you a glimpse of the legacy and ethos of Rajasthan.  Each stunning pillar has  hand paintings of other monuments, portraits of Jaipur Rajput  rulers, temples,  illustrations of the life of people in ancient Jaipur, etc, A visitor to this place will be wonder-struck  by the riot of colors and various patterns, etc ingeniously done on them.  All these works of art bring out the opulence of past rulers and the richness of Rajasthani designs that come out in full bloom. That Rajasthan is the land of rich Maharajahs is quite true. They were all great builders of fine, well embellished buildings  and  forts,
besides patronizing  fine arts and music.