Elysee Palace, Kapurthala, Punjab, India - a reflection of French style of design!!

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The small city of Kapurthala in Punjab, India has many historical monuments and beautiful colonial buildings that may take us right back to the old colonial days when India was not a free country as it is today.  Here, in many old structures the colonial legacy is well-preserved.
Built  at a cost of Rs.3.4 million (a whooping sum in those days) in 1862 by  Maharajah Kanwar Bikram Singh, the Elysee Palace in Kapurthala is a good example of  an Indo-French style of architecture and lots of tourists come here to see this historical structure, that was once  the personal residence of the Maharajah. 
The palace  work began in  the early years of the 18th century and completed specifically in the year 1862. It took a while for the ruler to complete the palace and make it functional.  In the present day scenario, taking cost overruns, raw materials, labor, etc.,  into account,  it could be around 450  core rupees. The  wily British had their eye glued on  this kingdom of Kapurthala and its resources. 
However, the rulers had been in touch with the French and their influence is reflected on the exterior of the fort  which is tinted in pink; it was designed by a French architect.  Believed to be one of the best-preserved palaces in the state of Punjab, it is well-known for its French  influence. Inspiring front - view set amidst  a big lush green and well-manicured  garden with statues of  life-size animals and nice fountains,  and  tiger made of metal and steel  kept at the rear end of the place show the traits of French style. Elysee Palace  with is surrounding area is  a  sprawling one, covering 300 acres which makes it one of the largest palaces in the state. The facade of the  well- designed palace and the vast area around it  enhance the grandeur and beauty of it which is just  36 km from Jalandhar city. Punjab, India.  Kanwar Bikram Singh  happened to be one of the most influential Sikh rulers of the state of Kapurthala from 1835 to 1887. 
A school - Montgomery Guru Nanak School  is functioning in the palace   and still lots of visitors spend their time in the historical palace.