People with diabetes need to be extra careful in this present novel corona virus pandemic situation!!

diabetes and corona virus.
When the Covid-19 pandemic strikes a population, it does not differentiate between  healthy individuals  and those  with a history of chronic illnesses, medical complications (like diabetes, high blood pressure).  Several medical studies put them in  a "high-risk"  and, in particular, diabetic patients are more prone to  developing infection  than others and it is important for them to take necessary precaution.  In the case of people with diabetes, their blood sugar level gets affected when the insulin production is not good enough to control the blood glucose level. They go for medication, however,  the immunity in the body loses its efficiency if the blood sugar level is not controlled.
People with high or unmanageable  blood sugar levels  experience less than normal blood flow,  and it makes it difficult for the body to  use  nutrients and  natural defenses meant to protect the body against several infections and promote healing.  People with this body condition take  a little longer than usual time to recover as well.  People with less efficient immunity  due to diabetes may be more be prone to developing  infections and chronic risks than those without diabetes. This may lead to longer hospitalization and prolonged recovery.
Keep yourself safe from covid-19 virus.

It is essential for diabetics to avoid crowded places,  mass gatherings and crowded train journey. In a pandemic situation keeping enough distance and avoiding congested and crowded areas would help them a lot. In case diabetics have covid-19 infection, keep the blood sugar level under check because any symptom can possibly flare up blood glucose levels. The extra precaution is a necessity because the  body with already  compromised immune system is susceptible to  viruses to thrive in the body amidst high blood glucose levels. The risk is for people suffering from both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes. They need to know about  foot hygiene, hand hygiene  and proper skin care. The latter can help the patients avoid  cuts and bleeds, for they if not taken care of,  may cause  major infections that will impact blood flow. Further, such patients must  drink plenty of fluids and prevent dehydration because, if infected, it may impact the  immunity. Regular physical exercise and proper diet will keep your immunity in good nick. (For further reading