PM Sri Modiji's Janata curfew, a simple move to contain Covid-19 spread - may be a preclude to future total lockdown

Janata Curvfew and covid-19.
Despite the spread of dangerous virus covid-19 across the continents at a rapid clip, brave people world over  are fighting hard to contain it as the pandemic has caused  a trail of anxiety, worries, unemployment, etc., besides deaths  and bleak future wherever it is sweeping  in an obscure manner. This sort of bio-war like scenario is much worse than  the aftermath  of dropping off atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the WWII by Americans because  the impact of virus is worldwide, severe economic down turn, loss of jobs, deaths, severe strains on health care programs, mental agony  and total lock down of a country for a given period.  It is for worse than the impact of twisters from the Tornado Alley of the US or from Bangladesh. Chaos and confusion following the disaster may last a few days, but not so in the case of covid-19 for  some  good reasons:
01.  No proper medication is available yet to completely cure it. 
02. The virus  remains dormant in a host and shows up after a14-day period. 
03. Once mutated, it will  spread through  people who have  passing contacts and the multiply from them.  The spread of disease and death will show upward mobility as days go by.  
04. Affected persons need to be quarantined for sometime to save others.
covid-19 virus.
Across India  and the world, prominent leaders are overwhelmed by the enormity of  medical and economic problems  being propped up by covid-19 that originated from  the main land China. Political leaders  are, on one hand,  chalking out  various health care programs to keep the people in good nick and  safe,  and on the other working out  ways and means to  keep the economy afloat  in this most difficult and testing time. The strain on the govt. treasury  world wide is enormous. 
Covid-19 virus. lock-down in India.
Covid-19 virus. lock-down in India.
To contain corona virus the 14-hour Janata Curfew that began at 7 am  on 22nd March till 9 pm  promoted by  PM Sri Modiji  was a good move in the  right direction and I consider it  as a precursor to a complete long lock-down of many areas of our country  in the future prone to covid-19. It  is on par  with  observing  blackouts during wartime when enemy  war planes raid certain places.  On this day, however,  essential services such as hospitals, telecom, medical shops, provision stores and establishments engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of essential commodities would  be exempt along with skeletal transport services.  On Sunday evening (March 22), people across India clapped, rang bells, and blew conch shells in response to PM Modi’s call for thanking those Medical fraternity at the forefront of the fight against the novel coronavirus. Just think about the risks being faced daily by doctors,  nurses and other medical professionals who  have to be on call for long hours. The PM Modiji's gesture at this juncture  to salute, encourage  and inspire the dedicated  Indian Medical Fraternity in the midst of risks being faced by them is a commendably one.
Across India, countless cities, towns, etc wore a deserted look -no metro, train and bus services. Several states closed down the  exit and entry points at state lines as a precution. Large swathes of the country will be in lock down mode from Monday following Janata curfew on Sunday.  Part of the reason is in the wake of the  spike of  covid-19 cases on Sunday to 396 from  315 on Saturday, believed to be the biggest jump in a day, the death toll also went to seven from  four.  State governments do not want to put the lives of their citizens in jeopardy.  With increasing corona virus cases, Prime Minister’s Office advised State Governments to issue appropriate orders to allow only essential services to operate in the 75 districts which have reported confirmed cases or casualties relating to covid-19. The government has also announced that passenger train services will remain suspended till March 31 to prevent crowds t and the spread of  virus. Inter-state passenger transport has also been shut till March 31 now.
covid-19 virus.
In view of this uncertainty, many states like  Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand will be shut until March 31 and it is likely more states may follow suite  Tamil Nadu has  just declared its shut down through out the state till the end of this month.  State borders on all sides have been sealed. Globally, deaths from the corona virus stand at more than 13,000 with over 300,000 infected.
life of covid-19 virus.

 Above image:  ''Advantage of Janata Curfew'' - The survival time of corona virus  on non-living surfaces varies from 3 hours to 3 days. It is dependent on the type of surface, humidity and temperature.  (see the image above).  The virus' survival gets reduced if humidity and outside  temperature go up. At 86 degree F the chance of survival of virus goes down almost half.  In the summer period, the speculation is the viruses won't survive if a living host is not available in a short period of 24 hrs. As for Janata curfew (12 plus 12 hrs), it puts a cap on public gatherings and social-distancing. Self quarantine of  about one plus billion Indians will have a big impact on the viruses' survival. It is a sort of self-imposed  mass quarantine, a sort of self- sanitization. ( .........................................
We have to agree with what  Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot told ET. “Cases are increasing and this won’t stop unless we stop people-to-people contact. Testing facilities are limited and lockdown is in public interest to save lives. Hence we were the first to do it.”

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) director-general Balram  Bhargava clearly stated,  ''lockdown is the most essential thing to break the chain of transmission.” The council  asked the States  to designate hospitals for dedicated treatment of Covid-19 patients.
The tweet from  Tharoor "Be aware that the life of coronavirus isn't 12 hours and clapping does not kill the virus. It's an act of solidarity but at best a prelude to a serious and complete lock down," should be taken into account in the right sense.
Modiji's Janatha curfew highlights the importance of strict social isolation, social distancing, unnecessary social gathering, etc. Further, shutdown of public transport systems, social functions for a given period will give the Indian people the needed respite from virus and its vigorous onslaught. The advantage is the survival time of the virus is going down in the absence of living hosts. 

In the tweet, Rahul Gandhi, on the 'Janta Curfew' announced by the Prime Minister for Sunday said that 'clapping' won't help the daily wage workers, small and medium businessmen. Rahul Gandhi called the need for a 'huge economic package' such as cash help, tax breaks, and debt repayment.  PM  Modi is taking every step to insulate the whole nation from the covid-19 attack, a Herculean task and he has already undertaken it with meticulous care.  
The PM's  move is neither a political gimmick  nor is it  a “Jumla” as portrayed by useless netas. Yo can not shut up certain bad mouths on the opposition side who always criticize  good administrators on filmy grounds. If a PM or some body in the ruling part does a good job, one should accept  and support him/her to uphold democratic credentials.