The so called ''China Virus'' and the ''wet animal market in China - a brief note

''China virus''.
Above image:  The so called ''Chinese Dragon Virus''?
That the  Chinese eat all kinds of animals, that are normally found in ‘wet meat’ markets across the country is a known fact and people across the globe know it well. In such  unhygienic places  where all  kinds of animals (including those with poison)  are roasted and eaten  right there by Chinese, it is likely, various viruses can mutate and jump among species and then get transferred to humans. The ambiance there is a bad  and unhealthy one.  The Chinese authorities themselves say covid-19  could have originated at a seafood market in Wuhan where illegal trading of wild animals is quite common. Some sources say eating  some species of bats in wet markets could be yet another source of deadly virus.
Such wet markets, where hygiene  s a taboo, offer a myriad of    species including, hold your breath, crocodiles, ostriches, donkeys, kangaroos, snakes, badgers, peacocks, camels, salamanders, wolves, koalas, dogs, cats, turtles and  bats!  Obviously, anything crawls, runs, flies, swims and  jumps  will end up in the tummy of a Chinese man.  Apparently, some people in China will eat just about anything including  home or wild flies, scorpions and snakes. A little known  fact is  the animals involved are often mistreated or even tortured  and cooked alive to bring out the special flavor. So, the person eats the flesh of  a dead animal that dies in great pain and mental agony.  It reminds of .George Bernard Shaw's quote:
 ''While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered animals, how can we expect any ideal living conditions on this earth?''

Quite nauseating  and disgusting, the  wet animal market is a hell hole of mayhem and slaughter. Here, we have to presume that the  ''Karma concept'' works well  when nature strikes back with  vengeance, showering  viruses on sinned men;  we have to accept the punishment given by providence...  ........................... 

In the past in China, a  sickening  and  weird video of a Chinese man  eating a live frog showed  up. It was  absolutely stomach-churning.  In the gruesome clip taken in 2016, a man  was  seen picking a live frog from a stall inside a wet market and without any inhibition he, in a flash, bit its head  and began to savor it to his heart's content. 
A repulsive act that most people would just shun away. What happens is  a mixture of urine, faeces (excrement) and other bodily fluids from live, wild creatures ends up mixing with blood from butchered animals. This would provide  ideal opportunities for viruses and bacteria to thrive and spread. The belief among  Chinese men has been that  eating exotic animals can boost 'male potency', a misconception that has been in vogue.

So wet markets across China, especially those selling live animals, could be another contributing factor to the outbreak of viruses. While experts are tracing the origin of the deadly virus, many have suggested that the pneumonia-like disease could be down to a trend of eating live animals.
Some media reports say that  flu-like virus is believed to have emerged from Huanan seafood market in the industrial city of Wuhan where wild animals such as snakes, porcupines and pangolins (ant-eaters) were kept alive in small cages while waiting to be sold. The national ban means the trade of wild animals will not be allowed in markets, restaurants or on e-commerce sites until the corona virus outbreak ends, Chinese officials said on Sunday.
Tiger parts, China

China is also known to cater to  a weird newly rich group of people and their strong belief in strange superstitions. It may be a substitute for 'Viagra', but more expensive, less effective, unethical and, downright illegal. Yes, it is a bowl of ‘tiger penis soup’ which is supposed to increase one's vitality and sexual prowess!! Quite non-sense.  The underlying fact is tiger population  will gradually face extinction over a period.
Eating the phallus of an endangered  ''big cat'' may not sound either tempting or appetizing, but when it comes to tiger penis soup, the clients - invariably nouveau riche class have to shell out  $300.00 a bowl.  Not contended,  the rich  may buy  the whole shebang for just $5,000.00.  Believe it or not in China and across Southeast Asia,  certain dried tiger parts are believed to be  potent sexual medicine for men.  Though the ban is on, there exists a  big black market for the newly rich Casanovas!