Lal Gumbad, Delhi, a fine Pre=Mogul Islamic monument - not well publicized

Lal Gumbad (1397) the graves inside. Delhi
Delhi: Lal Gumbad.
Lal Gumbad, Delhi.
Among the Islamic monuments of Delhi,  Lal Gumbad is an interesting one by virtue of the fact that it is one of the  most splendid   monuments belonging to the pre-Mughal era. Unfortunately,   it is also one of the least known Islamic monument of Delhi. Definitely, the sites like Lal Gumbad need publicity  to attract the tourists to this place.  
Lal Gumbard 1397AD),Delhi
Lal Gumbad, 1397 AD  Delhi.
This historical tomb on  the Dayanand Marg, Malviya Nagar, Delhi
has the mortal remains  of Sheikh Kabir-ud-din Auliya who happened to be the disciple of  famous sufi saint Roshan Chirag-i-Dilli.  Built around 1397 AD (he died in the same year), this tomb with conical dome, has a mosque and  many graves surrounding it  and in the enclosure, one can see remnants of past era structures. Any visitor would experience the pathos upon entering the ruined place near-by and it brings out the reality of transient  life and history.  
Lal Gumbad, Delhi, main entrance. pictures of
As for preservation, despite the long passage of time, the main tomb that looks almost similar to that of Ghiyasudin Tughluq is fairly in good condition.   Also referred to as Shaikh Kabir-ud-Din Auliya's tomb or Rakabwala Gumbad, it is said to have been constructed in the mid 14th century AD. The main tomb  is square-shaped with tattered walls, and the outer parts are  adorned with red sandstone. The red sand stones and the  the roof surmounted by a plastered conical dome.  augment the look of this tomb. Lal Gumbad is  accessed  from the eastern side, through a marble bands-adorned pointed arch. 
Lattice window, Lal Gumbard 1397AD) , Delhi.
This simple, but elegant tomb got its name ''Lal Gumbad'' of ''Rkabwala'' because of the golden finial it was once ornamented with. Later, it was stolen by the thieves. There are iron rings  still seen intact on its western wall and, apparently, they were  fixed by the culprits long ago to scale the uneven wall to  lay their hands on the golden  finial.