Time-honored Shah Alam Tomb and Mosque, Wazirabad, Delhi - another poorly visited heritage site

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The Shah Alam tomb and the mosque in Wazirabad is another old Muslim structure, the visitors to Delhi are not familiar with.
Besides the tomb, there is  an  unnamed  Mosque  with three-domes,   two prayer areas and five arches and  in the main prayer chamber there is a provision for woman worshipers. The smaller raised area  on pillars is covered with  lattice stone screens  all around to  give privacy to women worshipers.Women were allowed to do Namaz in the holy place in those days, but with restrictions. Perhaps, it is one of the mosques in those days that allowed women to offer prayer there,
In the interior the floral designs on the convex surface is quite impressive and eye-catching.  There is  a  smaller, single-domed structure across the tomb  and the interiors are  cooler because of high roof. 
This  tomb of saint named Shah Alam. was built by  Ferozshah Tughlaq during his reign (1351-88) at Wazirabad.  Shah Alam, being a famous saint, gained   prominence during the rule of Feroze Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century.  Historians say  Shah Alam’s Tomb was erected by Feroze Shah Tughlaq himself after Shah Alam’s death.  It is close to the  banks of Yamuna River. In the near-by  Timarpur area  you can  spot some partially worn-out structures of the medieval era. .

It is said in the 14th century,  Timur moored in this area before crossing  the Yamuna River at a critical  time.  The tomb  is at the center of the courtyard facing the mosque.  Built on a raised platform, this tomb has 12 solid pillars - three at each corner supporting the dome over them. There is  another dome like structure with winding stairway made of stone steps to the upper level  in this complex; from where you could see the old Wazirabad Bridge, 
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This mosque being in an isolated area away from the city, not that many people visit this place though  this place carries the mortal remains of a holy saint.   However, it is being  well maintained bu security guards and others. That students from the nearby colleges use the premises for 'shaitani'  was a bad news.  However, this place is open for  anybody who is interested in the history and heritage of this site. 
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The bridge  across the  Najafgarh nala close to the tomb  is the oldest bridge of Delhi  built in the  14th century. Even to day, it is strong and keeps going.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/smitsandhir/8058808302/in/photostream/