Simple but impressive Baleshwar Shiva temple, Uttrakhand

Baleshwae Shiva temple, Uttrakhand. Hindu temples of 
Bleshwar Shiva temple. Uttrakhand. pimrest com. 
Believed to constructed  between the 10th and the 12th centuries  the Baleshwar temple is a Shiva temple.  Located in the Lohaghat Range (in the Kumaun region of the lower Himalayan Mountains), Champawat town , Uttarakhand  state, the temple is famous for its wonderful carvings on the stones. In this temple complex there are two  more temples, one dedicated to "Ratneshwar" and the other one is  "Champawati Durga" temple. There are also Shiva lingas in these temples. 

Unlike the south Indian Hindu temples. temples in this state are not massive and the main gopura (tower) is not a tall one. There is no specific sanctum - garbagriha  and so is namaskara mandaba. Invariably, you can see amazing nicely carved stone sculptures on the in many temples. The pillars are ornate.  There are no elaborate prathakshana path - courtyard around the temples is in the temples of Tamil Nadu or Andhra.  Part of the reason, I presume, is 
this sub Himalayan area is seismically unstable and may experience minor tremors.
As to the period of construction of this temple, no correct information is available and, obviously, it is pretty old - between 10 to 12 th century  and was built during the Chand Dynasty. The sculptures of various gods and goddesses carved on the wall, it is said, get the attention of the visitors. The intricate carving on the ceilings of these temples is a  testimony to their ancient glory and artistic talents. The carving in the ceiling is not at all affected by the passage of time.  The overall architecture of this temple is  close to those of  South Indian temples.
Being a  'National Heritage' site, it is being managed by the ASI - the Archaeological Survey of India (since 1952). Mahashivaratri is a major festival here that attracts a large gathering of devotees from many parts of this state and a grand fair is also organized on that day.    Best time to visit : February to November. Nearest Railway Station : Tanakpur  and airport is Pantnagar - a distance of 170km.