Wesley Church (1871), one of the oldesst in Mysore city, Karnataka


lllWesley Cathedral, Mysore

 Wesley Cthedral in Mysore is one of the oldest in this city dating back to 1871.This 149-year-old cathedral was initially a church and was started by one Rev John Hachian  who landed in India in 1821 with mission to spread Christianity among the natives.The church was entirely  built by the members of the Wesleyan Missionaries Society and Rev.  Rev John Hachian took carge of the construction work.   and the funds needed for it.The Maharajah of Mysore  was generous enough to grant the land to build the church which is on  B.N.Road. This Protestent  church is located in a serene and quiet environment and the mmber can relax and pray with concentration in the church. With its tall bell tower, huge arches and slanting red-colored roof  surrounded by meadows and  hills, one can not escape from the colonial archtectural elements of this church. and the nice ambiance in  which the church was set-up.

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Perhaps due to financial constraints, the church construction progressed slowly. The  work  began in 1868  and  completed and consecrated in 1906. Today it an important land mark in the Mysore city. It is said many missionaries who came to India and  this part of south India spent much of their time to impart education in the midst of their missionay work.While doing the service to God till the end of their lives, many of them lost their wife and personal happiness. The church was renovated with grants from the state Govt. in the recent past.Officially church services began in 1871.

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The Wesleyan missionaries landed in Mysore  before the East India company took charge of Mysore kingdom after the fall of Tipu Sultan in 1799 at Srirangapatna. One of the earliest  missionaries was  (by 1821). Rev John Hachian of the Wesleyan Mission.  He, after seving here, went back to England on  a sabbatical in 1863 with the sole purpose of collecting donations for the church to be built for native Christians. In those days mostly Europeans used  the churches and there was a need for a church for  the natives. Because of his sustained efforts, the Wesley church which is patonized by Protestents  came up in Mysore. The church was renovated in 1906 during India'a freedom struggle and Mysore remained a Princely state. with some contron from the British Crown. Incidentally, Protestantism dominates in northern India, particularly in the north east, on the other hand in the southern states  the Roman Catholic church is the dominant denomination.