The proposed New Parliament Building and Central Vista project, New Delhi - selected salient features

Proposed two Parliament building complex, New Delhi.

proposed new parliament complex, Delhi.

That the  ground-breaking ceremony held in December 2020  by the PM Modiji to launch the new Parliament building as part of the Rs.20,000 crore central vista project  close to the India Gate area is a good piece of news in the media.  The  Central Vista project (CVP)  envisages  revamping  the government buildings on part of the 3 km Rajpath  that stretches from the presidential palace Rashtrapati Bhavan to the iconic war memorial called  India Gate  lined with parks on both sides..  The Bhoomi Puja - foundation ceremony  ritual was done by the priests from various religions to mark the unity and secular  fabric  of the country and of the party in power at Delhi. It is worth mentioning the priests - Vedha Pundits  from the  Sri Sringeri  Sarada Math, Sringeri,  Karnataka did the rituals for the ‘bhoomi pujan’ at the new Parliament building site. What thrills senior citizens and old times like me is the proposal to name the complex after Netaji Subbash Chandra Bose, a true freedom fighter, patriot and an  intellectual of repute who was overlooked  and openly side-tracked by the  section of the Indian National Congress that had  the power. Prime Minister   Modiji   said ''the new Parliament building would exemplify ‘co-existence of the new and the old’ and would be a witness to ''Aatmanirbhar Bharat'’. This historic  event was attended by leaders from various political parties, cabinet ministers and ambassadors of different countries.

Delhi. old British built Parliament House. 

The new Parliament building New Delhi.

Important features of India's New Parliament Building, New Delhi: 

01.Triangular in shape, the proposed  building will be a  four-story structure  sprawling  over a whooping  area of 64,500 sq.  meters .

02.  The construction cost tag  is  Rs.971 crore and it might go up depending on the additions and recodifications. It is expected to be completed in time before August 2022, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of India's independence Day from the British rule that had a grip on the subcontinent for more than 200 years.  

03.  The new parliament building  will have seating capacity for 888 members in the Lok Sabha Chamber; of course, there is an option  to increase members  to 1,224 Members during Joint Sessions. Presently, the Lok Sabha has a sanctioned strength of 543 members

04.  As for the The Rajya Sabha chamber. the seating  capacity is for  384 members; higher seat allocation may take into account  the future proposal to increase the seats. At present, the  Rajya Sabha  has 245 members
.Plan of new parliament building, Delhi.

05.  Each Member of Parliament will be provided with a 40 sq m office space in the redeveloped  The Shram Shakti Bhawan will be revamped and redeveloped by 2024 and each Parliament member will be provided with  a  fully furnished 40 sq m office space. 

06. The proposed  Nava Bharat Udyan  on the banks of Yamuna at the other end  in the midst of a 20-acre park with an impressive structure and infotainment  (entertainment, etc) facilities  will bring out  the country's rich historical and cultural heritage of old and New India and her  scientific achievements. 

07.  The  big complex called Central Vista project  will include eight  new government office buildings, a new Parliament House and a residential quarters  near the South Block that could house the homes of the Prime Minister and the Vice-President.  According to a Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry source said.

08.  Way back in October  2019  Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Puri had  announced the BJP  govt's  long awaiting plan. 

09.  The government  named the appointment of Gujarat-based architecture firm, HCP Design, as the consultant for the  new Parliament project.  

10.  The  close-by 9.5-acre plot opposite the existing Parliament House  is likely to be used for the new project.

11. An interesting fact is  the height of  structures will be below  the India Gate, the source said. The office buildings will have  seven floors each and accommodate many more government staff than the existing bhavans that are  to be demolished. Shastri Bhavan, Krishi Bhavan, Nirman Bhavan and Vigyan Bhavan  will be pulled down; new structures will come up like  the External Affairs Ministry’s Jawahar Bhavan, the source said.

12. According to the December 21 notification, the Master Plan-2021 of Delhi would be amended to change the plot opposite the existing Parliament House from ‘recreational’ use to “Parliament House”to facilitate environmental clearance. 

13. The Tata Projects Ltd  won the bid to construct the new Parliament building at a cost of Rs 861.90 crore.  The proposed  new buildings will be built as part of the Modi govt’s plan to redevelop the Central Vista in New Delhi.

14.  Presently, the parliament is functioning in an old building the Parliament House   opened on the 18 January 1927 when the British Crown ran the administration. PMps of various parties have expressed deep resentment over lack of modern communication and high-tech farcicalities. Retaining or upgrading the  British-built building is  not that easy as there is no scope for construction of additional structures to meet the increasing demand of the manpower.

15. .The old Parliament House built by the British -  designed by  architect Sir Edward Lateens,  will be a heritage building and considered for the posterity. The British took 6 long years to complete the building and made it earthquake-proof.  Architect Lateens also designed the various government building in the North Block  and the iconic Connaught Place. 

16. The proposals are afoot to bring the talented artisans and construction workers from various parts of India  to showcase our country's glorious heritage and Indian style designs and architecture reflecting the cultures and traditions native to many states.
17. Unfortunately, there will be a delay in the construction work as the new proposal is challenged in a petition before the Supreme court. 

. The  foundation ceremony began about  12:55 pm, immediacy followed by the bhoomi poojan. The Prime Minister addressed the people around 2.15 pm.


Proposed two Parliament building complex, New

CPWD in February 2020  approached the Environmental agency - expert appraisal committee (EAC) for clearance with  a report from the Environmental Consultant. The  listed included the building as an “individual project”. It said the new Parliament House would have no “cumulative effects due to proximity to other existing or planned projects with similar effects”. The CPWD report also states there are no “interlinked projects”. CPWD application further stated, ''194 trees out of 326 have to be cut/transplanted for the new state-of-the-art complex''.

Environmentalists wanted  reports on the impacts to be caused by the central Vista project with respect to   traffic and mobility in the proposed area. The CV project  will be spread over 101 acres on both sides of Rajpath—transport experts say instead of traffic impact assessment, there should be a study on mobility impact assessment. Some environmentalists want specific expert  opinion on 
  how the transport systems  will respond to this increased demand in the future. The new Lok Sabha central hall will be big enough to accommodate  900 Members of Parliament (MPs), and  flexible enough to take in up to 1,350 MPs for a joint Parliament session. Though the number of Mps will not be increased immediately, it might happen four  or five years from now in tune with increased population.