Farmers' "Tractor Rally" on this year's Republic day, New Delhi - Why did it go beserk?

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What had happened on the 72nd Republic day - 26 January  at Delhi  is just unprecedented, hell broke loose. Part of Delhi was under attack by the  maniac  hooligans in the name of farmers. Invariably,  most of them were Sikhs, believed to be Khalistan sympathizers and many terrorists.  The Republic day  marks the legal enactment of the Constitution of India  for the first time  in 1950 following independence from British colonial rule in August 1947,  and the day is annually celebrated at Delhi with a huge military parade through the main  pathway, fanfare and other major events. Supposed to be a joyful day, this year, it turned out to be the darkest day in the recent Indian history. A blatant attack on India's  democratic  tradition of  freedom, free speech  and human rights by anti-nationals in the guise of  protesting farmers. 

When they conducted protest rallies in the past orchestrated by the opposition parties like Congress, Communist Party of India along with certain  regional parties of  Tamil Nadu etc. the senior govt. officials forewarned the framers long ago  not to continue the protests because  other political parties  were bent on creating confusion  so that they could  take advantage of emerging chaos and  prevent the government from  functioning peacefully. They also warned them about the possibility of anti-social people, separatists organizations, and  hooligans  were ready to cause damages to public properties  and  pose  threats to the life of the citizens, etc.   The farmers' groups, particularly from Punjab paid least attention, though their intention was to  convince the government to  change certain reforms.  Never did they realize that their protests rallies had been infiltrated by Khalistan  sympathizers and many separatists and would turn  a peaceful rally into a violent one and cause embarrassment for them,
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The Indian farmers' protest  rally that could have been  held following day 27the January, was purposely held on the Republic day by the farmers. The Delhi authorities  through Court intervention gave  permission to conduct the tractor rally after 12 noon on specified  and agreed routes.  The participating farmers wee from Punjab, Haryana, UP and other Indian states.

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After getting conditional permission from the Delhi authorities  more than  100000 tractors took part in the rally that entered the city in convoy. The tractor rally  soon  took  wrong turn on   different path  toward Red  Fort, diverging from the agreed plan.  Following confrontation, Police immediately  had created diversions along several major highways and main roads in city and the metro shut exits at least 15 stations close to protest sites.

Purported farmer holding  a swords during a protest, Delhi.

Infuriated by the police action to set the barricades the protestors  broke  them,  attacked and pelted stones at the police. They  damaged   the city  buses by ramming the tractors near Delhi police headquarters.  Tear  gas and batons were used  to disperse  the crowd.   The highlight of the farmers  protests  was innumerable rioters  managed to reach the Red Fort area and tried to attack murderously the police standing there. Fearing danger, more than 60  police personnel  jumped over the boundary fence and fell in to the dry moat ( depth of  more than 20 to 25 feet) and many of them got injured badly in the fall.   The hell-bent mob scaled the walls of the iconic monument Red Fort, after  terrorizing the police there  and  hoisted the Kalistan flag (?) alongside India's national flag, the most disgusting act ever done by citizens. 

When I read the  daily news paper  reports, with exceptions, most of them reported the same scoop and none of them reported actually what had happened in the riot-torn areas and the serious threats  being faced by the police and the public.  

Red Fort, Delhi Khalistan separatists planting the religious

Above image: So called farmers on the cupola of the Red Fort, Delhi planting religious flag.(?); quite disturbing act.  Many political leaders  condemned the outrage  and lawlessness at  Delhi  Red Fort incident. Hoisting the other flag in the place of National Flag on the Red Fort  is tantamount to treason and disrespect of the nation; punishable under the law. " No flag but the sacred tiranga should fly aloft the Red Fort,"  a  former union minister twitted.

                                                           Credit: Hindustan Times

The following questions arise after seeing the  TV visuals and  reading certain eye witness accounts: 

01. Why did the farmers choose the solemn day - Republic day to hold the tractor protest rally?  They could have chosen some other day. 

02. When the government   sympathetically agreed to allow the protest why did they proceed on the wrong routes  in violation of agreed plan?  

03. What necessity was there to register the protest by bringing 100000 plus  tractors and parade the convoy through the city that too on a national holiday, knowing well spectators including women and children in thousands would  attend  the parade celebrations. 

04.  How come most of the tractors  driven by Sikhs with national flag  ran amok and dangerously rammed  the buses and private cars and vehicles  causing   severe damages to them and to the public properties? It is a blot on the innocent patriotic and hardworking Sikh community

04. Many speeding tractors targeted the police and others causing pain, anxiety and panic.  They rode the tractors at high speed endangering the lives of countless people standing there. The people  had to run  helter-skelter to avoid death or serious injuries.   If they were farmers, was it their intention to kill the police or civilians?  Is threatening the police and innocent public a way of registering their protests by the farmers? 

04. I myself saw  several visuals on TV posted by public that  some  drivers were busy going in circles and driving the vehicle dangerously at random, making threats to the public and others. Most of them were young. . 

05. I saw several men carrying the flag of Khalistan(?)  standing on the red Fort near the cupola trying to hoist the flag. Some media reports said it was Sikh's religious flag!! Quite shocking was many of them carrying sharp medium-sized swords and also  daggers dangerously flashing  them in front of the people.  Some were armed with  thick wooden clubs/sticks  (Uruttukattai)   as if ready to charge at the police  and others.  What was the reason behind the protesting farmers carrying dangerous  swords,  daggers and sticks  etc., in public?

 Earlier weeks ago when the farmers were holding sitting protests, they were provided with quality food, liquor, massage machines and electrical heaters (it is too cold in Delhi in winter).  Who provided them with  these comforts? 


01. Delhi was turned into a hell hole of bedlam  and murderous violence by the anti - India and anti social people along with Khalistan separatistss and sympathizers who got mingled  in the protest in the guise of farmers. They  were the ones who  went on a rampage, causing violence. creating a vicious atmosphere turning the joyous occasion into  a nightmarish one. 
02.  It is stated in the media, most of the protestors were Mandi Commission Agents  in the garb  of Kisans (farmers). The new  Agricultural policies of the central governments have eliminated the  middle men - agents so that farmers can  directly deal with the markets.  Earlier commission agents made more profits than the farmers as their mark-up was way high.  There are certain  holes in them that need to be corrected.    

03  It is widely reported in the media that the Khalistan separatists have links with   neighboring big bully  China and  Chota bully Pakistan. The latter  through its ISI   churning out terrorists  in large numbers every year causing terror across the globe. 

03. Though the farmers grievances were genuine that could have been  sorted out by the government, the question is:  who helped  the separatists  get mixed with them? Their sole  aim was to instill fear among the people  and to make the police resort to firing.  It is one of the ways to gain popularity  and publicity in the local  and foreign media.

04. Previous day  25 January, 2021  the Khalistan sympathizers barged into the Indian Embassy in  Italy  and attacked the  India staff on duty there. It is likely the Khalistani followers and their leaders in Punjab are in touch with similar groups operating abroad and getting funds from them. 

05. The Delhi tractor rally is an eye opener to all. The entire India comes to know about the farmers protests  and who are behind them. It is well planned far before the Republic day. Violence breeds only violence, net result is zilch.

 Reaction from the Indian  media:

Quite disappointing is the way Indian media reacted to the Delhi rampage. With some exception most of them  never give correct information  and  visuals on  the events happening around there. Their reports were totally biased  and openly  they were colluding with irresponsible and useless opposition parties, in particular Congress.  
 Delhi, Republic day death of a farmer, capsized tractor

Above image:  A young farmer died after his  speeding tractor overturned near the ITO, Delhi; 26th january 2021, Republic day.  A senior and popular journalist lied to his audience that the  farmer died due to police firing. He is fired from his job by India today. ...................

One newspaper said the farmers hoisted their organization's flag on the red fort,  actually, it was a Khalistan flag. When the speeding tractor driver hit the barricade and got killed under the capsized tractor popular anchor  Rajeev Sardesai    twitted misinformation.  Besides he made a false statement  that   the farmer was hit by a bullet in the forehead and the death was due to  police firing. The current news is he is suspended by  India Today where he was the chief reporter. Quite horrible is the fact that such a responsible reporter churning out misinformation o a wider audience through TV. Imagine the kind of impact it will create  on the sensitive people, in particular farmers. 

Farmers breaking the barricade with the tractor,

 "The Hindu"  news paper quoted what a union leader had said:" The peaceful farmers parade was a victim of a conspiracy hatched by the government,” said veteran Punjab union leader Balbir Singh Rajewal, who is among those named in the FIR. 

The Hindu further quoted: 

 A concerted conspiracy to malign farmers movement: Congress’s Surjewalaid veteran Punjab union leader Balbir Singh Rajewal, who is among those named in the FIR

It is very clear that the government was very worried by our agitation, which has been carried out peacefully for months,” said Shiv Kumar Kakkaji of the Rashtriya Kisan Mahasangh. He said the government conspiracy had specifically targeted Punjabi farmers, and said that this attempt to separate the Punjab unions from the wider movement would fail.......

This widely circulated  newspaper's article never mentioned about unruly mob and the speedy tractors driven by mad drivers   and hooligans  No report on the threats faced by the police, their fall into the moat near the Red  Fort  and hoisting of Kjhalistan flag (?)atop the fort building. 

About the Tamil TV and print media, with exceptions  most of them  never mentioned about the threats made by the violent protestors who were apparently Khalistani supporters   Their intention was to malign the central government's name at any cost. Many  Indian TV media  patronized by certain regional parties do  not have any professional ethics  and always  feed  sensational news or biased news to their audiences; their focus was  more on criticism of the Central government (or the government in power at the state level) than on  appreciation of  whatever good being done  by them. An old timer last year while traveling by train said, the media patronized by the political parties have ''jaundiced  and cynical eyes''. Misinformation galore. The central  government should take stern action against media and journalists who give biased  and   wrong news with an intention to mislead the public. 

A word of appreciation to the  numerous police personnel. In spite of grave threats to their lives, never had they resorted to  firing. Thus their tolerance and responsibility toward true and genuine farmers in the rally made them real heroes. Countless police men and officers including women are recuperating in the hospital. The Indian society is indebted to these duty-bound officers and their patience during the time of extreme provocation by the hell-bent hooligans and loafers. 

Several farmers' associations said they had nothing to do with the violence and preferred a peaceful protest against the central government and further stated they already  disassociated with the protestors. The Samkyukt Kisan Morcha, an umbrella body of 41 farmer unions that is leading the protest against the three central farm laws, also disassociated itself from those who indulged in violence during the tractor parade and alleged that some antisocial elements" infiltrated their otherwise peaceful movement.


Yesterday night Congress leader Rahul Gandhi advised the protesters on the outskirts of Delhi not to give up their stir. "Do not move an inch." The media reported  his remark on some channels. This kind of provocative statement is quite unfortunate from a man who holds a responsible political status in his party. 

Deploring the Republic Day violence in Delhi, especially at the Red Fort, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Wednesday termed ''it an insult to the nation and said it had brought shame to the country and weakened farmers’ agitation, but made it clear that he continued to stand with the farmers as the farm laws were wrong and against India’s federal ethos" ....He further stated:  :The Red Fort is a symbol of independent India and thousands of Indians had given up their lives for Independence and to see the national flag flying atop the fort",........................"Whoever has done it (indulged in violence at Red Fort) has brought shame to the country and Delhi Police should investigate and take action,” he said, adding that the Centre should also probe the involvement, if any, of any political party or nation, while making sure that no farm leaders are unnecessarily targeted or harassed by the police.".(vide: