The Scottish Church (1840) Nagpur's oldest Church, founded by Fr. Stephen Hislop

Oldest Scottish church 1940, Nagpur, India.

 Founded by Sir Stephen Hislop, a young missionary from Scotland  with support from other Scottish missionaries  to fulfill the spiritual needs of the Scots working for the East India company  and others, it is one of the oldest churches of Nagpur.  Presently standing across the Life Insurance corporation (LIC) square in the prime area of this big city, it is not an impressive church. Nor does it have strong Gothic architectural features or tall spires with bell tower as one  would in the early colonial churches.  The  most attractive feature  of this church is its  simplicity, no embellishment.

Nagpur location map,

As racial segregation was adopted in some places across India, this church was built to cater to the Europeans and only after India's independence in August 1947, Indian Christians were allowed to attend the mass, etc.  Because of time factor and ageing this old church was restructured in 1920  and divided into two parts,  so that it could survive much longer and suit the present needs Yet another reason is  the near-by Agnes Henderson Memorial  Church  looked very much similar to this  church;    For unknown reasons, this heritage church 's  altar had remained not  renovated since 1840  that is roughly 180 years.


Scottish Missionary Stephen Hislop, Nagpur

Postal stamp, Sept. 2018 Hislop College,Nagpur.

 Stephen Hislop  (1817–1863), was a Scottish missionary, educator and an earth scientist.  He landed in  Nagpur on February 13, 1845  after travelling  580 miles  from Bombay  on horse back with some camels  to carry his baggage.  His main mission was to concentrate on humanitarian work. He carried on his missionary and educational work for 18 long years in the Vidarbha Region (region around Nagpur)  along with one Robert Hunter, editor of the Encyclopedic Dictionary. Besides, he also studied the coal fields near Nagpur. His  enthusiasm  coupled with motivation led him to start a Boy's school in 1846 in Sukrawara area, old  Nagpur (now in Maharashtra), then part of Central provinces  and later Hislop College in 1883. In 2009, the college celebrated its 125th anniversary. He took the initiative and with other like-minded missionaries  started the Scottish Church. The biography on Stephen Hislop  was published in 1888 by George Smith..