The Brett Castle in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, this colonial monument - needs urgent conservation!!

Located  close to Bangalore city and  the industrial town of  Hosur in  Tamil Nadu  is a historical Scottish-styled residence  called  Kenilworth Fort . It is also referred to as Kenilworth Castle on account of its unique architecture and   distinctive features that have close similarities with that of the  original Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire,  England, Perhaps it is  the only Indian fort that resembles an English castle.

Brett House (castle), Hosur, Tamil Nadu

This  Krishnagiri and other areas came under the control of the English company after 1800 upon the death of Tipu Sultan of Mysore in Srirangapatna. Earlier, it was part of his  kingdom and after 1860 the Crown administration in London annexed it with the Madras Presidency with HQ in Madras.  

Location, Hosur, Tamil Nadu,

It was one Brett ICS, the Collector of Salem District had this castle built near Hosur between 1859 and 1862 as a  token of his  his lasting love and care for his Scottish wife who came from a noble family of  Scotland.  The district HQ was  in those days was at Hosur and the collectorate later was shifted to Salem. Brett chose this place (close to the Hosur fort) to build a cozy and comfortable residence  that resembled an English castle  as desired by his wife.  He built it with the help of skilled persons locally available.. One version says that Brett was transferred to Salem, so  he and and his wife got no chance to live there. According to another version the couple resided here  briefly hence  this site  is also called Brett's Fort. It was later purchased by the British government in 1875. 

Brett and his wife could not live in their dream house  for a long time as the the English company suspected that   part of the company's money went into the construction of a big residence  and the collector  misused the funds to please his  wife's whim. Brett had spent Rs. 17000 for the lime (chunabu) alone and the cost of construction was around Rs.170000, a huge sum in those days.  The question was, being a salaried person how did he afford such a palatial building.  So, Brett had to leave the job for good  as asked by the English company.. His wife, unfortunately died there and  her mortal remains are in the graveyard of St. John's church, Bangalore.  

Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire, England.

Above image:  Kenilworth Castle, among Britain’s biggest historical sites  that is so strong and sturdy it successfully withstood  a famous siege in 1266, the longest one in the British history that lasted 6 months. Later  it became an Elizabethan palace  and  is more than 900 years old. Yet another historical moment that this old castle witnessed was the  removal of Edward II from the English throne,  Founded in the 1120s during the reign of King John it saw vast expansion - in the early 13th century......................... 

Brett House (castle), Hosur, Tamil Nadu

Presently, this monument is in a shambles  due to poor upkeep by the  successive ruling government of Tamil Nadu  This structure with fine European architecture needs urgent repair and restoration.  Up to 1980s this place was haunted by anti social and law- breaking people who caused severe damage to the building. The ASI, it is said, has a plan to protect whatever is left of the monument. It is about 50 km from the Bangalore city. As of to day, this historical colonial structure remains in a dilapidated state. No remedy is not in sight in the future!!.