Yadhava Kannan Temple, Thanjavur, TN built by Maratha king Pratap Singh


Yadhava Kannan temple, Karanthai, Thanjavur.,en.wikipedia.or

Above image Yadhava Kannan Temple, Karanthai, Thanjavur. View from the Thanjavur-Thiruvaiyaru-Kunbakonam road. 

Yadhava Kannan temple, Karathai, Thanjavur en.wikipedia.org

Thanjavur city,  home to UNESCO recognized 1000 plus year old heritage temple Sri Brihadeshwara (dedicated to God Shiva) built by the great Chola ruler Sri Raja Raja Cholan does not have a popular  historical Sri Krishna temple. The one at Karathai  Thanjavur - Yadhava Kannan  temple which is about 266 year old is not a popular one due to lack of publicity. 

Located in Karanthai, a suburb of  Thanjavur,  the presiding deity enshrined in the sanctum of  Yadhava Kannan temple is  Venugopalaswamy  with his consorts Rukmani and Bama. The processional deity (Utchavar) is  Yadhava Kannan in dancing posture. As per Agamic texts, Patcharatra worship is being followed here. 

Yadhava Kannan temple, Karanthai Thanjavur,en.wikipedia.org

Above image:  2018.Temple renovation of Yadhava Kannan temple, Thanjavur. Bhattacharyas reverentially pouring the holy water (teertham) on the metal pots (Kumbham) atop the tower. The holy theertham was kept in the Yagasala for certain days during the conduct of temple rituals as per Agama...........

This temple is locally called Yadhava Kannan temple, reason being during the Maratha rule a prominent  Yadhava representative  (Nattaanmai) one Perianna took serious efforts to have a Sri Krishna temple built in this part of Thanjavur. The Martha ruler Maharajah Pratap Singh  agreed and bore the cost of construction.   It was built in 1755 by the ruler of Thanjavur Maratha dynasty (having marital links with the royal family of Satara (Maharashtra).  The temple is by the side of the Thanjavur- Thiruvaiyaru-Kumbakonam main road and one notice the  small entrance tower - gopuram. 

Thanjavur city map. Tamil Nadu. www.mapsofindia.com

Yadhava Kannan temple, Karanthai, Thanjavur.,en.wikipedia.or

There is a small  shrine for Thirupati Balaji (in standing posture) in the  prakara around the garbagriha. On the temple premises there is a separate Madappalli (temple kitchen) to cook daily offerings (Neyvadhyam) to the  main deity.  Sri Krishna Jayanthi  here is a 11 day celebration as per Agama Sastra. Seventh day is uriyaadi and the the 11th day is  Vedaiyatri - end of the festival. The festival  begins with the hoisting of  temple flag on the Dwathasthambam (before the shrine) on the first day, a feature common to all Hindu temples.  Garudasevai  (Perumal mounted on Garuda Vahana) is  also celebrated here and this temple participates in the annual  Garudasevai  procession that comes during the Tamil month of Panguni. Further, it is one among several temples participating in Navaneetha Sevai, a long- held tradition of  Sri Vishnu worship. Renovation  of this temple -Kumbhabhishekham  was held on 2 July 2018.

The Yadhava community of this place  patronizes this historical  temple that  comes under the administration of HR & CE - a Tamil Nadu  government  agency in charge of temples.

Booloka Krishnan temple, Thanjavur: 

Located on Saganayan street, Thanjavur, Booloka Krishnan temple  belongs to  the Thanjavur Aranmanai Devasthanam  which is managing the administration. On the premises of this temple  thereis also another small temple  dedicated to  Yagya Narayana Perumal. There  are idols of Sri Anjaneya and Garuda in this shrine.  Sri Krishna with his two consorts is enshrined in the sanctum of Booloka Krishnan temple. Details about this  place  in the center of the city  are sketchy.

Dinamalar newspaper dated 2nd July 2018.