''Khooni Darwaza'' (Gate), Delhi where East India co killed the last three Mogul princes!!

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Above image:  Also known as  Kabuli Khuni Darwaja, Delhi, the gate linked to political  and historical violent incidents is made of  quartzite stone (a metamorphic rock).  15.5 m (50.9 ft) tall, it  has a staircase  to access different levels of the gate. It was  here the last mogul princes were shot dead by the East India company's army under  devilish  major William   Raikes  Hodson....................

The gate also  known as  the  Khooni Darwaza,  was once an outpost on the  outskirts of Delhi and it  came up  during the reign of   Sher Shah  Suri  in the 1540s. The historical gate   got the notoriety even during the Mogul period.    It was here  heads of criminals   were hung to scare the public not to get involved in criminal activities  as they would face the same fate. 

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The history of Khooni Darwaza is not a pleasant one, often written in blood associated with violence.  Near the gate a pale of gloom and a feeling of  uneasiness prevails if we delve into its past gory details. 

Way back in the 17th century two sons of  Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khanan, a relative of   were put to death here.  Reason: revelry.   However, it's a fact that Emperor Jahangir in the early decades of the 17th Century ordered the killing of the two sons of Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khan,  his  relative.   Bairam Khan   acted as Akbar's regent after Humayun's death and  wielded lots of power.   The two sons were considered traitors by the ruler.   Jahangir wanted his eldest son to  ascend the throne and he thought  Abdul Rahim  was not in favor of his son to become the next ruler   after Akbar's death. The disgusting thing was the  bodies of  Khan-e-Khanan's sons were left on the Khooni gate  to rot and be eaten by birds of prey here.

Sher Shah Suri of Delhi. 1472 – 22 May 1545)historyforexam.com,

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Prince Dara Shikoh killed by Aurangzeb. .newindianexpress.com

When the most treacherous Mogul ruler  Aurangzeb  ascended the throne dishonestly with greed, he killed his own brothers and jailed his father Shah Jahan, the builder of the Taj.   When  Aurangzeb  with his troops defeated his eldest brother  Dara Shikoh,  a scholar and poet with secular mind, after publically killing him Aurangzeb had Dara's head displayed at this gate.

major William Hodson. Find A Grave com

Above image:    Major William Raikes Hodson  of  the East India Company  took the credit of shooting to death the last three mogul princes near the Khooni Dharwaza, Delhi  on 22 September 1957.................. 

During the great rebellion of 1857 finally the  EIC' troops recaptured Delhi and arrested the last Mogul ruler Bahadur Shah Zafar. In September  under the most vicious major William Raikes Hodson  the British troops went to Humayun's tomb in  Nizamuddin where the three Mogul princes - sons and grandson  of  last ruler were hiding.  On 22 September the three princes  Mirza Mughal and Mirza Khizr Sultan and grandson Mirza Abu Bekar  were arrested and brought to Delhi on a bullock cart with a huge crowd following them 

As there was a bit of commotion near the   Khooni Darwaza, Hodson thought the crowd mostly Muslims would attack  them. He ordered the princes  to get off  the cart and stripped them naked.   In a whiff  major Hodson  shot at the  princes point blank.  It was simply a cold- blooded  murder  before a huge crowd.  The horrendous stuff was  without any basic military  norms,  he had  the bodies of the young  princes, taken to Chandni Chowk where they lay in front of the Kotwali for days, rotting in the hot sun.

During the  communal riots of 1947  the Khooni Darwaza saw yet another violent incident and bloodshed   as refugees were murdered here while they were proceeding for safety to the Purana Qila, where the  newly formed  Government had set up a camp for them under the guidance of Rajkumari Amrit Kaur,  Health Minister in Nehru's Cabinet. These refugees were from the walled city of Shahjahanabad

Because of past  gory incidents involving bloodshed   Khooni Darwaza is said  to be a  haunted place, but there are no proofs that it is a haven for  spirits, paranormal forces  and djinns  who scare the people if they step in there after sundown.   I have heard people say this Khooni Darwaza, close to  Maulana Azad Medical College, G.B. Pant Hospital, Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital and Jayaprakash Narayan Hospital (formerly Irwin Hospital)  is a hangout for drunks, hobos and vagabonds.  Across the gate is Feroze shah  Kotla grounds, once famous venue for Test cricket matches  in Delhi.  A police outpost is a necessity to avoid abuse of this historical gate that is associated with mainly dark chapters of Delhi's history. 

Some people call it Lal  Dharwaza (red gate)  and, in reality, because of lack of upkeep and repair work, the walls of the gate are  worn-out exposing the  stones that   acquired a reddish hue after prolonged exposure  to changes in climatic conditions.