Meet 20th century hardcore racists - ''black lives matter''

Thousands of protestors demonstrated across the UK following  the painful death of  George Floyd,  a black American , at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer  in the prime area of downtown on 25  May  2020. This disgraceful incident  had world wide repercussion   and caused  revulsion among millions of people watching  TV visuals. There were protests across the US cities and also in England which used Slave Trade  as a money spinning business in the early centuries. In the following months the enraged people in the US wanted the statues of Confederate generals removed and in England  people targeted numerous statues of slave  traders like 17th-century slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol,  Robert Milligan, East London and former PM  William Gladstone whose family owned slaves in the Caribbean. The latter's statue was not yet defaced.  There are countless statues of slave traders and officers linked with colonialism  and soon, I believe, they will be shifted to the near-by museums, unfit to be on display in public places in this modern era.

 Former PM of Britain Winston Churchill:

.Winston Churchill's statue

Graffiti on Churchill's statue., a sworn

Above imagesTop  -  The is the statue of Winston Churchill located in Woodford Green in northeast London, -  the second  one defaced in June 2020 as part of Black lives matter  campaign that became a global protest. The statue  was covered in graffiti.  This commemorative statue   erected in 1959 after Churchill served as MP for the area from 1924 to 1964 became a target in June 2020 and  had several messages sprayed onto the base.  Surprisingly the world-famous memorial was defaced with letters ACAB - which is believed to stand for 'All Cops Are B******s'

Above images: Bottom  - On 6 June  in the same year  another statue of Churchill was targeted  in Parliament Square London;  the statue was  defaced, with the words (Churchill) “was a racist” written on it’s base.   To many Asians,  blacks and liberal white people this statue is a symbol of colonial exploitation   using race as a ruse and  had to be knocked off the pedestal.

I already posted a few posts on Winston Churchill and his vile racist remarks on India and Gandhiji.  In 1955, the then Leader of the Conservative Party, Winston Churchill openly  expressed his support for the slogan "Keep England White" with regard to immigration from the West Indies.   According to historian John Charmley  Churchill viewed British domination around the globe, such as the British Empire, as a natural consequence of social Darwinism implying  hierarchical perspective on race;  white Protestant Christians being at  the top of this hierarchical ladder followed  by  white Catholics.  Beneath them are  Indians  and others. Quite preposterous and nonsense.  His obnoxious and nauseating role during the 1943 Bengal famine very much impacted the freedom struggle movements. His nasty behavior was  yet another dark chapter in his controversial  political life.   PM Churchill  against the pleas made by India Secretary Amery and the Viceroy of India, Lord Linlithgow,  directed   shipments of grains from Australia to  India  to  proceed to  Europe  adding to the buffer stocks being created against the possibility of future second front invasions in both Greece and Yugoslavia.   According to Leo Amery, during the Bengal famine, Churchill unscrupulously  stated that any potential relief efforts sent to India would accomplish little  not as Indians "breeding like rabbits",

The paradox is this famous racist Conservative man was voted a few years ago the most famous politician in the UK.


Gov. George  Wallace (USA) :

Gov. George Wallace, Alabama, USA

Above image:   Gov. George  Wallace (USA)  (August 25, 1919 – September 13, 1998) took the oath of office on  14 January 1963, standing on the gold star marking the spot where, nearly 102 years earlier, Jefferson Davis was sworn in as provisional president of the Confederate States of America (slave states). Unsuccessfully each time  Wallace opposed desegregation and supported the policies of "Jim Crow" during the Civil Rights Movement.  In his inaugural speech, Wallace said,  ''In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.''  ( his sentence had been written by Wallace's new speechwriter, Ku Klux Klan leader Asa Earl Carter). ...................

In the 1960s  Gov. Wallace, a sworn racist  and segregationist was against higher education to black Americans.  As an American politician  he  served as the 45th governor of Alabama for four terms.  He made no compromise on Jim crow laws and  and sought to stop the racial integration of the University of Alabama at any cost.   He stood in front of Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama on June 11, 1963 and prevented the entry of black students enrolled at the university, blocking their path.

George Wallace at the U of Alabama, Birmingham, USA 

Above image: Racist  Wallace standing against desegregation while being confronted by U.S. Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach at the University of Alabama in 1963.......................

This became known as the "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door". He was highly critical of racial integration and voting rights to Black Americans and his   preoccupation with race was based on his belief that black Americans comprised a separate and inferior race. In a 1963 letter to a social studies teacher, Wallace stated they were inclined to criminality – especially "atrocious acts ... such as rape, assault and murder" – because of a high incidence of venereal disease. Desegregation, he wrote, would lead to "intermarriage ... and eventually our race will be detreated (sic) to that of the mongrel complexity."

In September 1963,  again defiant  Wallace attempted to stop four black students from enrolling in four separate elementary schools in Huntsville, Alabama.  After intervention by a federal court in Birmingham, the four children were allowed to enter on September 9, becoming the first to integrate a primary or secondary school in the southern state of  Alabama.

Wallace desperately wanted to preserve segregation, a legacy of confederate ideology. In his own words: "The President [John F. Kennedy] wants us to surrender this state to Martin Luther King and his group of   pro-Communists who have instituted these demonstrations.'

The University of Alabama at Birmingham  removed  his name - George C Wallace  four-term governor and presidential candidate  from a campus building, over his support of racial segregation. A UAB  building named after Wallace in 1975 was later changed to  simply the Physical Education Building


Enoch Powell , British Politician  and  MP: 

British politician and a racist. Enoch Powell

Above image:  British Politician  and  MP Enoch Powell - On April 20, 1968, Enoch Powell, a leading member of the Conservative Party in the British parliament, made a provocative  speech that would i divide the nation with its racist, incendiary rhetoric. Speaking before a group of conservative activists, Powell said that if immigration to Britain from the country’s former colonies continued, a violent clash between white and black communities was inevitable. “As I look ahead,” Powell said, “I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood,'' an allusion to a line in Virgil’s Aeneid. He maintained that it would not be enough to close Britain’s borders—some of the immigrants already settled in the country would need to be sent “home.” If not, he declared, attributing a quote to one of his constituents, “in this country, in 15 or 20 years’ time, the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.

968 Enoch Powell' provocative speech on racism.

Reactions to the 1968 Race Relations Bill, which Powell's speech was aimed against, were considered "a turning point from biological racist discourses to cultural racist discourses", with Powell being the chief articulator of this "new racism" in British politics

 The Times said in April 1968, following the speech:

''The language, the innuendoes, the constant appeals to self-pity, the anecdotes, all combine to make a deliberate appeal to racial prejudice. This is the first time a serious British politician has appealed to racial hatred, in this direct way, in our postwar history. It occurred within a couple of weeks of the murder of Martin Luther King and the burning in many American cities. It is almost unbelievable that any man should be so irresponsible as to promote hatred in the face of these examples of the results that can follow''


Eugene Bull Connor,  US politician and segregationist:

Racist Bull Connor of  Alabama USA

US politician and super miscasts  Eugene Bull Connor

Above image: Theophilus Eugene Bull Connor  (July 11th, 1897 –  March 10th, 1973),  US politician  and segregationist is a  hardcore racist. He was the first one to have come up  with an idea of attacking African Americans who demanded justice and equality,  and the rights to vote with trained attack dogs.   A  member of the Democratic Party, he vehemently  opposed the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. When  serving   as the  Commissioner of Public Safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama, for more than two decades he  misused his official power to a large extent.    Often tagged  as  a white supremacist, he adamantly  enforced  legal racial segregation and denied civil rights to black citizens, especially during 1963's Birmingham campaign, led by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference under Dr. martin Luther King. 

''The indelible impression of Birmingham as a symbol of racism and police brutality was chiseled into history under the leadership of 'Theophilus 'Eugene “Bull” Connor, who served more than two decades as the city’s commissioner of public safety.''........ ''But police abuse of Blacks was not limited to protestors and activists. Jim Crow laws more than authorized police to step way over the line of civility''..

1963 Birmingham Police Chief Eugene “Bull” Conner Pinterest

 The entire US was shocked  with  repugnance to see  on national TV visuals of  violence let lose against the black Americans  who wanted voting rights.   Bull Connor was a psychopath and  went to   the extend of  directing high-pressure fire hoses against the  civil  right activists  including children. The force of water was such that it could rip open the thick  bark of trees.  Not content with fire hose,  he asked the police to set the attack dogs  against civil rights activists.  The outrages impacted the southern states and the backlash led to  major social and legal changes  in the Southern United States.  It  contributed to passage by the United States Congress of the Civil Rights Act of 1964...................... 

Attack dog and Bull  Connor of  Alabama.

Above image: To men like Bull Connor  of Birmingham, Alabama  setting the attack dogs against innocent black or colored people is a symbol of valor and wisdom. Chances are that these people, if threatened with ferocious  attack dogs,  next time they will think twice to get involved in protest.

Attack dogs against Civil rights activities 1963

Above image: US Politician Bull Connor's specialty was  to train attack dogs and set them against colored people.  He gained notoriety for ordering the use of police dogs and fire hoses to disperse civil rights demonstrators. Despite the stand by Bull Connor  in January 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had announced that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, along with the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, was going to Birmingham to integrate public facilities and department stores.

Majority of people in India many not be aware until the early 1960s, voting rights and  access to  schools  and collages was   denied to the African Americans, particularly in the southern states like Alabama, etc. Drastic constitutional changes took place in the early 1960s, as these issues became a serious matter.

Jim  crow laws in Southern

Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination in public accommodations and employment; authorized the attorney general to bring school desegregation suits and the federal government to withdraw funds from schools and other governmental entities receiving federal funds if they discriminated; and provided enhanced enforcement mechanisms for protecting civil and voting rights

Voting Rights Act of 1965  enforced the Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and provided for substantial federal supervision of voting and election procedures in order to eliminate racial discrimination and protect the right to vote.


Sir Charles Tegart, Notorious British India police officer: 

Police officer of Calcutta Charles tegart.

Above image:  Sir   Charles Augustus Tegart KCIE KPM (1881 – 6 April 1946) was a British colonial police officer (of Irish decent) in India and Mandatory Palestine (a geopolitical entity as part of partition of the Ottoman Empire in the region of Palestine under the terms of British mandate for Palestine)  and had a name for instilling fear among the Indian natives. He was more known for his notoriety for his brutality and use of torture in dealing with victims than for his integrity in his official work.   He was known to be ruthless and "uncompromising with detainees". His expertise in torture  and brute forces was at full display in the later part of 1930s  when he was with  the British Mandate of Palestine.  Simply speaking, he was a ruthless a Devil in  Police Uniform

Charles Augustus Tegart,  was the most famous policeman of British India  for his tactics against the revolutionaries in Bengal but a hated villain to  Indian nationalists for his intelligence work against their cause.  Tegart joined  the newly-established intelligence branch of the Bengal police that tracked  lots of revolutionaries  and led to large-scale detentions and deportations of suspected terrorists under the 1915  Defiance  Act of India Act. In 1917  Tegart served as one of the principal advisors to the Rowlatt Committee, which was investigating ‘revolutionary crime’ in India. He took the credit of being the first officer of the Indian Police (IP) and  on his recommendation, the Special Branch was created to deal with hard core criminals, revolutionaries, etc.

That Tegart  is said to have survived six assassination attempts in India is a tell-tale story of his notoriety and repressive brutality in dealing with natives and their demand for freedom. Undeterred by several attempts on his life, not withstanding danger to his life, he had the audacity and guts  to drive around in an open-top car with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier riding on the bonnet as if the critter was his main body guard.  He was awarded the KCIE in 1937 and Lord Lytton, then Governor of Bengal was in full-praise of him for his serious efforts to curb  freedom activities.  He became the Superintendent of Police in 1908, and received  the King's Police Medal in 1911. Through devotion to duty and ruthless dealing with revolutionaries, he earned the ire of Indian natives who wanted the British to leave the Indian soil for good. 

Though he was not a racist, he was known to have treated Indian natives, particularly, freedom fighters in a shabby manner. To him mercy to the nationalist who wanted free India was an anathema.......


British Colonel Reginald Edward Harry Dyer, Mass murderer:

Butcher of Amritsar, Col. Reginald Dyer of British India army.alamyimages.

Mass murderer Reginald Dyer of British India

The British  Army  officer Colonel Reginald Edward Harry Dyer, CB (9 October 1864 – 23 July 1927) was the one who  have a fillip to India's freedom struggle.   A psychopath and racist as  a temporary brigadier-genera he  along with Punjab Governor Michel O Dwyer ICS  was responsible for the unjustified  mass murder at Jallianwala Bagh  on 13 April 1919 in Amritsar (in the province of Punjab).  Indian history books refer to him as "the Butcher of Amritsar" because  because  after careful planning and and closing all the gates in the bagh except one he had his troops open fire on a large crowd of roughly 15000 to 20000 people without any prior warning. It was a Sikh religious function of Baisahi  at the park (bagh0 and  Dyer asked his troops to keep shooting at the thickest crowd until they ran out of bullets. of his order to fire on a peaceful crowd. Though the  official report  said only  379 people  died and more than 1000 injured, the unofficial casualty was more than 1000, many of them were bled to death without any medical aid or any ambulance service. When the victims fell on the ground like 9 pins in the bowling alley, Dyer was looking at them with glee. A notorious racist and a criminal in military uniform.  Though he was given simple punishment by removing him from the military,  he became a celebrated hero back in England. The English news paper and some ladies awarded  him with a purse of 25000 pounds  for his patriotic duty of saving British nun in Amritsar.   This massacre was a turning point in Indian history  and  a death knell was already tolled leading to India's freedom from the oppressive British rule.. As of today neither the British Government nor the royal family member, particularly the queen never came up with an official apology for the atrocities done during their colonial rule in India .....................