Christ Church, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra - an old early colonial church

Christ Church  of Ahmednagar,Maharashtra

Christ Church  of Ahmednagar, built on a plot of 4.9 acre of land across the cantonment office in  Camp  Bhingar is one of the oldest Christian religious  institutions in this part of Maharashtra. This 150 year old protestant church came up in 1858 exclusively for the Europeans  and it took eight long years to complete it.  In 1957  the church was getting ready to celebrate its centenary year, having been in existence for 100 years.  At that point of time,  Ahmednagar city experienced a major inundation and very much affected was this old colonial church.  A  major part of the church building  suffered  severe damages as the flooding was just overwhelming.  Undaunted  by the fury of nature,  the local Christian community took upon themselves the task of restoring the church back to old glory and  with the funds collected through donations, etc.,  in the following year, they renovated the church. Same year in 1958  Christmas was held with great fanfare to mark the completion of 100 years (in 1957).

.Christ church, Ahmednagar, MH.

This part of the the Bombay Presidency did not have any place of worship for the  Protestant Christians in the English company's army.    This church was constructed  with a view to  catering to the spiritual needs of the British army men both soldiers and officers, and their families stationed  here.  The reason why this place was chosen was it offered a sere and quiet environment  for the worshipers in the midst of lush greenery. Till in the early 1940s mainly  resident  Europeans  used  this church and  after India's freedom in 1947, the local  native Christian  community of this place started using it. 

Still retaining the legacy of the early English company, this Church is a popular destination for the Christians of this state and other places. The  Christmas day and Good Friday are famous celebrations attended by large gathering of people. 

The church has the unique distinction of being the only  Protestant Church run by the CNI - Church of North India under the Nasik Diocese.