God Ganesha, the Hindu god that removes the obstacles!!

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In Hinduism in the conduct of an auspicious ceremony, be it wedding, betrothal, Seemantham (prior to first child birth), Grihapravasam (entry into the newly built house) or starting a business or company, invocation of God  Ganesha is indispensable. You may say there is hardly any religious or other holy ceremony in Hinduism  that does not seek the blessing of God Ganasha. When the  temple consecration takes place conducting  Ganapathy homam first  is a must. All Hindus worship God  Ganapathy irrespective of their affiliation or denominations.  He is widely revered and worshipped  as the remover of obstacles and is thought to bring good luck.

7th CE Pillarpatti Vinayagar temple,TN  upload.wikimedia.org

 In the past several centuries the  religious tradition has been  that God Vinayaka is looked upon as a  remover of obstacles regardless of their nature and severity. Since devotees have so much trust in him in Tamil he is often called Vinai Theerpavan (remover of impediments. In the northern states he is  known as Vighnaharta. No matter where they live across India Hindus never fail to pray to him or prostrate before him in the near-by temple if they embark on a  venture - say any business. According a westerner Paul Courtright Ganesha's dharma and his raison d'ĂȘtre is to create and remove obstacles.

With his elephant head and human body, Ganesha, one of the most popular of all the Hindu gods  in the Hindu pantheon being inquisitive as he is, he never fails to betray his devotees and gives them a chance to enjoy prosperity by  removing  negative forces active behind them. When blessed by him, the devotee  gains confidence and positive attitude that will help him overcome the snags. 

Sage Vyasa dictating the Mahabharata to God Ganesha. quora.com/

 Once in a race  with God Karthikaya  as  to who would go round the world first, Ganesha went round his parents Shiva and Parvati and proved they were the world. He won the race and  was blessed with the fruit of Knowledge along with that of immortality. When Vyasa composed the great  epic  Mahabharata, he finally  chose god Ganesha  as his scribe and requested him  to write the sequences of events as  he was dictating. Knowing his ability to write fast sage Vyasa asked the lord to understand each line and then proceed further.  Thus he was buying time to think and dictate the next line. It  was God Ganesha who write the entire Mahabharata without any blemish as dictated by the learned sage.  

In Tamil Nadu, if you go any hamlet far remove from semi urban areas you will find small temple dedicated to Vigneswar under the Arasa maram - Peepal tree. He is a favorite gods for those students who take competitive or any important exam.